AEM Pre-Filters

AEM pre-filter air filter wraps are designed to extend the service interval of your AEM Filter when used in very dusty conditions. AEM DryFlow™ Pre-Filters are constructed from a durable micro-screen material that is pretreated with a proprietary hydrophobic process designed to prevent splashes of water or mud from encompassing your AEM DryFlow air filter. AEM DryFlow Pre-filters also stop dirt particles while adding little restriction. AEM air filter wraps can be cleaned with AEM synthetic filter cleaner.

Note - Select a filter wrap part number to see the shape and a full list of specifications.
Prefilter Wraps
Base Length Base Width Height Part Number
6 5-1/8 7-1/8 1-4007
6 5-1/4 5 1-4000
6 5-1/4 9 1-4001
7-1/2 5 5 1-4002
7-1/2 5 9 1-4003
9 10-1/2 9 1-4004