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Round Air Filters for Custom Assemblies and Racing

AEM Round Air Filters are designed for race vehicles and custom assemblies. Increase your vehicle's performance with added horsepower and acceleration with an AEM high performance air filter.

AEM Round Air Filters

AEM Round Air Filter AE-10500

AEM Round Air Filter AE-10500:
Many GMC and Chevy pickups, SUVs and Motorhomes can enjoy added performance from AEM high performance air filter AE-10500, which was designed to add horsepower and torque. Use the vehicle searchfeature to find the right air filter for your vehicle.

12 in (305 mm) Outside Diameter
9.813 in (249 mm) Inside Diameter
3.438 in (87 mm) Tall

AEM Round Air Filter

AEM Round Air Filter AE-10650

AEM Round Air Filter AE-10650:
AEM air filter AE-10650 is designed as a permanent replacement filter for your ever-faithful Chevy or GMC and because it has low restriction it's designed to boost power while it protects your engine. Use the AEM Search by Car or Truck feature to find the right air filter for your vehicle.

14 in (356 mm) Outside Diameter
12 in (305 mm) Inside Diameter
3.063 in (78 mm) Tall