2016 Kia Rio III 1.1L L4 Air Filter

2016 Kia Rio III 1.1L L4 Stock Replacement Air Filters
  • AEM air filters offer the 2016 Kia Rio III with the 1.1L engine a lifetime of performance and engine protection.
  • Washable & Reusable Air Filter Media
  • AEM Kia Rio III air filters are Guaranteed for the Life of Your Vehicle
2016 Kia Rio III 1.1 liter L4 performance air filters from AEM offer a lifetime of performance and protection and can even save money on maintenance costs.

Get a 2016 Kia Rio III air filter for better performance! Select the Product Info button for information about the specific air filter.

2016 Kia Rio III 1.1L L4 DSL - All Models
The filter fit perfectly in my Accent, probably am seeing a slight increase in MPG, and seems to really smooth out an idle problem I was having. Really easy to clean just tap out the dust every once in a while and vacuum if need be and do a wash if really dirty. Had an K&N before on another car the the MAF sensor got fouled up from the oil, this one is oil free, loving this filter 5 stars.
, Reno, Nevada
AEM DryFlow Air Filter
  • Designed to Increase Horsepower
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