AEM Air Intake Systems

AEM has a wide range of air intake options for your vehicle depending on your needs and the needs of your car, truck or SUV. Browse the categories below to find out more information about the specific air intakes that you can choose from. AEM offers cold air intakes, short ram intakes, Electronically Tuned Intake Systems, Brute Force Truck Air Intakes, Dual Chamber, Hybrid and Universal Cold Air Intakes.
Air Intake by Vehicle

Air Intake by Vehicle

Find an Air Intake for your car or truck by entering vehicle information.
Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intakes

Cooler air results in more power! AEM coined the phrase Cold Air Intake back in the 90's for their designs that reach for cooler air outside the engine compartment.
Short Ram Air Intake

Short Ram Air Intakes

Short Ram Air Intake designs place the air filter within the engine compartment. Some vehicles respond better to short ram designs.
Brute Force Truck Air Intake

Brute Force Truck Air Intakes

Brute Force Truck Air Intakes are designed for popular trucks, SUVs and late-model, fuel injected muscle cars. These intakes are designed to produce more torque and horsepower for large displacement engines.
Brute Force HD Diesel Air Intake

Brute Force HD Diesel Air Intakes

AEM Brute Force HD intakes are available for popular late model Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke diesel engines. These intakes have extra large Dryflow air filters for a long service life and high air flow for power and torque.
Dual Chamber Air Intake

Dual Chamber Air Intakes

Dual Chamber Air Intakes use a patented dual chamber tube that is designed to maximize horsepower and torque.
Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) System

Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) Systems

With an AEM Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) System the mass air sensor is electronically adjusted to read proper air density. The result is large horsepower and torque gains.
Hybrid Air Intakes

Hybrid Air Intake

Hybrid Air Intakes are direct-fit intakes for Hondas and Acuras with engine swaps.
Universal Cold Air Intake

Universal Cold Air Intakes

Universal Cold Air Intakes are ideal when a custom intake is required especially for vehicles with an LS or Hemi engine swap.
Air Intake Components

Air Intake Components

Air Intake Components are used for the fabrication of intake ducting for turbocharger systems.
Air Intake List by Car or Truck

Air Intake List by Car or Truck

View the list of air intakes for a make and model. Pictures, installation instructions and specifications are available.
Air Intake Installation Video

Air Intake Installation Videos

Watch the installation video to see how easy it is to install the air intake before you buy.