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Brand New AEM® Intake System for 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type R

Designed to be compatible with 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type R models, the AEM® 21-832C air intake system is precision engineered to increase horsepower and torque—and features a low-restriction, synthetic DRYFLOW® air filter to help protect against damaging engine contaminants.

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R


If you want to give your Type R more punch, check out the 21-832C performance air intake system, designed for 2017-2018 Civic Type Rs. The 21-832C is engineered to help keep engine air moving into the throttle body cooler (which can increase engine combustion efficiency) by providing a smoother, less restrictive path for airflow. Many stock intake systems incorporate components that create turbulence/heat, which can decrease your engine’s performance. By replacing your factory system with a specially designed tube and less restrictive filter, your engine can get the performance boost it craves.

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R

The 2018 Type R boasts 306 horsepower


Many factory intake systems force air through a high-restriction disposable paper air filter, and a complicated system of tubing that can cause air to swirl and become turbulent. Because turbulence creates heat—which reduces the density of oxygen molecules in the air—your engine may not be able to combust as efficiently as it could with cooler air available. An aerodynamic AEM intake tube helps keep engine air cooler, and often significantly increases engine combustion efficiency.

The 21-832C intake system

Gain an estimated 17.1 horsepower with the 21-832C intake system

The 21-832C intake system features an aerodynamic, mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube, which is engineered to reduce turbulence in the air and help keep the airflow oxygen-dense. The 21-832C also incorporates a steel heat shield, which helps protect the air filter and intake air from high engine temperatures.


The included oil-free DRYFLOW® air filter is composed of a 3D synthetic filtration media that is washable and reusable, and provides outstanding airflow to your engine. Precision engineered to increase horsepower, the oil-free media can last up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is required (under normal highway driving conditions). Instead of re-purchasing a new disposable filter every 20,000-30,000 miles, you can simply clean and reuse your long-life AEM DRYFLOW® filter!


The AEM 21-832C intake system is engineered to incorporate factory mounting points and the factory mass air sensor. Installation can typically be completed in 90 minutes or less, and requires only simple hand tools. Detailed instructions are included in your kit.

Engineered to fit:

Rear view of the 21-832C intake system

A steel heat shield helps protect from high temperatures

• 2017 Honda Civic Type R 2.0L L4 F/I

All Models

• 2018 Honda Civic Type R 2.0L L4 F/I

All Models


The 21-832C is protected by AEM’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. Using an AEM replacement air intake system will not void your factory warranty; in the U.S., manufacturers must provide evidence that an aftermarket part is the cause of a necessary repair in order to void or deny warranty coverage. The Consumer Products Warranty Act of 1975 (also known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) protects consumers’ rights to their warranty coverage.

The 21-832C after installation

The 21-832C after installation


During dynamometer testing, a 2017 Honda Civic Type R 2.0L turbo with a factory air intake system was recorded at 263.2-horsepower at 4,945 RPM. After installation of 21-832C, the same vehicle was recorded at 280.3-horsepower at 4,945 RPM—an estimated increase of 17.1-horsepower. The torque also increased from 256.0 lb.-ft. to 269.7 lb.-ft.—an estimated increase of 13.7 lb.-ft. at 3,765 RPM.

Horsepower gains vary among products and applications, but each AEM performance air intake system is designed to increase airflow for specific vehicles and their engines. Each kit undergoes rigorous testing to help ensure that the filter and intake tube are engineered to deliver large increases in airflow and horsepower.

Visit this page to purchase the 21-832C air intake system, or visit the application search page to explore air intake system options for your vehicle.



AEM® Intakes Sponsored Driver Kristaps Blušs Tops Podium at Road Atlanta

Three rounds into the 2018 Formula Drift season, AEM® Intakes sponsored racer Kristaps Blušs dominated the podium at Road Atlanta.

Fredric Aasbo, Kristaps Blušs, and Chris Forsberg on the Round 3 podium

Fredric Aasbo, Kristaps Blušs, and Chris Forsberg on the Round 3 podium

Blušs claimed his first-ever Formula Drift win on May 12, edging out Fredric Aasbo—the most winningest driver in FD history—and Chris Forsberg, a three-time FD Championship winner who has also claimed the most podium finishes in FD history.

The competition this season is tighter than ever, with remarkably close point margins within the top 12. Blušs had to fight hard for his first FD win—battling against Kevin Lawrence, Forrest Wang, James Deane, and Piotr Wiecek before finally defeating Fredric Aasbo for the top spot on the podium. “Atlanta was a rollercoaster for me and the team,” he commented. “Through numerous One More Times, we fought hard to the very end. Thanks to AEM® Intakes for supporting us this round and throughout the season.”

Kristaps Blušs’ AEM-sponsored BMW E92 “Eurofighter”

Kristaps Blušs’ AEM-sponsored BMW E92 “Eurofighter”

Blušs, originally from Latvia, began his Formula Drift career in 2015 and currently races for HGK Motorsports. He pilots the BMW E92 Eurofighter—complete with a custom carbon kevlar body—powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine that provides 900-horsepower. The car features a custom AEM® Intakes panel filter, which utilizes the same technology available in the AEM® Dryflow® Air Filters—available for your vehicle at Blušs has great confidence in his AEM® products. “The service, the quality, and the performance are perfect,” he commented.

The Eurofighter wasn’t originally intended to hit the drifting track so soon—oddly enough, it was intended to appear at the AEM® Intakes display booth at Irwindale 2017 instead of in the competition—but it hit the pavement as a pinch hitter after a major mechanical issue forced the HGK team to sideline the BMW E46 Blušs had intended to pilot. The Eurofighter has continued to prove its mettle as a powerful competition vehicle this season.

Under the hood of the E92 Eurofighter, which features a custom AEM® Intakes panel filter

Under the hood of the E92 Eurofighter, which features a custom AEM® Intakes panel filter

Fredric Aasbo continues to lead the pack with 260 points—with Forsberg a close 37 points behind. Blušs commands 174 points—87 points behind the top position. If the competition continues to be as close as it was at Road Atlanta, Round 4 will be an event not to miss.

You can see Blušs compete in Round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Series at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall Township, New Jersey on June 1-2.

AEM-Sponsored Formula Drift Driver Chris Forsberg Primed for Victory in 2018

There’s no denying it—Chris Forsberg is the driver to watch in Formula Drift for the 2018 season.

Forsberg’s #64 vehicle

Forsberg’s #64 vehicle has been completely rebuilt for the 2018 season

With the most championship wins of any Formula Drift driver—2009, 2014, and 2016—and the all-time record for podium finishes, Forsberg is one of the most prolific drivers to ever grace the circuit, and has once again established himself as the driver to beat. His recent first place finish in Round 2 at Orlando Speedworld is a fantastic start to his 2018 season, and a reflection of his many years of experience.

In 1999—four years before the founding of Formula Drift, Inc.—Forsberg, only in his late teens, discovered videos of drifting online and began experimenting with the sport. Before there was a professional platform for drifting, Forsberg was a dedicated competitor—living in a friend’s garage to afford vehicle upgrades, and competing with friends in a dilapidated parking lot in New Jersey. Before the sponsorships, the fans, and the world-wide platform, Forsberg was simply a car enthusiast with a passion for pushing the envelope.

Forsberg posing at the 2016 Formula Drift finale in Irwindale

Forsberg posing at the 2016 Formula Drift finale in Irwindale

Forsberg, whose drifting career now spans almost two decades, still hasn’t lost his passion for the sport. This past weekend, he earned another podium finish in Atlanta, Georgia—a triumph for his team, who finished a complete rebuild of Forsberg’s #64 Nissan 370Z in the off-season. Forsberg faced three former champions and 2017 Rookie of the Year Piotr Wiecek, one of the hottest drivers of the current season.

“The car was running perfectly, we were getting some of the fastest sector times out there—it’s one of the fastest cars on track,” Forsberg noted. “The Orlando win was very rewarding for myself and the team . . . we were against the best competitors in the series currently. We struggled with our new set-up, but this year we came in with everything fixed up exactly how we wanted it to be. We now have a championship contending car.”

Forsberg preparing for his heat at Road Atlanta

Forsberg preparing for his heat at Road Atlanta

AEM® has been a long-term sponsor of Forsberg. “We really rely on our AEM filters to keep our car running clean, getting all the power to the ground,” he observed. “With all that dirt, smoke, and debris getting pushed up into the air from the Atlanta clay—we want none of that in the engine. We need to have all the power from our motor to get that top spot again.” Forsberg’s 370Z has a custom AEM® filter that utilizes that same technology as the AEM Dryflow® Air Filters available for your car. Find yours online at

You can watch Chris Forsberg compete in Round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Series at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall Township, New Jersey on June 1-2.

AEM Induction Systems Sponsors New Formula DRIFT Halftime Show

Formula Drift AEM induction systems Halftime Show logo

Formula DRIFT Halftime Show sponsored by AEM Induction Systems

AEM Induction Systems is proud to announce that it will be partnering with Formula DRIFT – the world’s premier competitive drifting series – to bring fans a brand new Formula Drift halftime show for the 2018 season. AEM is sponsoring the show which will be available to event spectators as well as viewers of the Formula DRIFT livestream broadcast.

AEM Induction Systems has a long history with Formula DRIFT. In the last 10 years, its sponsored drivers have won six FD championships. AEM also uses the extreme environment created by the series to validate the effectiveness of their filters.

Beginning with the Formula DRIFT final round at Irwindale Speedway in 2016, and at several FD rounds during 2017, AEM Induction Systems hosted the Maximum Driftcast halftime podcast from its booth in the paddock area. These shows were extremely popular with both FD fans and the Team AEM sponsored drivers thanks to some great story lines and interaction with the fans.

At the same time, Formula DRIFT was investigating different ways to expand its live broadcast. It has one of the most viewed livestreams in the world, reaching more than 2.5M fans annually. The series wanted to provide more stories to its fans and bring greater insight at each event, so it made perfect sense for Formula DRIFT and AEM Induction Systems to team up for 2018 to present the Formula DRIFT / AEM Halftime Show with Maximum Driftcast throughout the 2018 season.

maximum driftcast hosts Corey Hosford, Paco Ibarra and Sam Nalven in car

Maximum Driftcast Hosts Corey Hosford, Paco Ibarra and Sam Nalven

Two more key Formula DRIFT partners, Nexen Tire and Motegi Racing, will also be on board as supporting brands, adding more content and features to the halftime show.

Maximum Driftcast has become a leading outlet for drivers to announce breaking news, tell their stories, and connect with fans like never before. Frequently, fans catch drivers off guard with tough questions, and those moments are what make the show so great. Along with the humor, knowledge, and passion from the hosts Corey Hosford, Paco Ibarra and Sam Nalven. These elements will now be brought to the big screen, with FD fans being able to enjoy the Formula DRIFT / AEM Halftime Show from the event venue or on their mobile devices via the livestream.

It can be viewed by accessing during any live event as well as major platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The schedule for each event is available at

Kristaps Bluss Showed His BMW E92 Eurofighter in the Motul Booth at SEMA 2017

Click the video link to hear all the details about Kristaps' Eurofighter and what makes it tick

Click the video link to hear all the details about Kristaps' Eurofighter and what makes it tick

The HGK Motorsports E92 BMW drift fighter was supposed to make its show debut under the AEM tent last month at the Formula D finale at Irwindale. Instead, it was pressed into service as the 2017 car was about to launch its engine and driver Kristaps Blušs sat third in points. Rather than sit out the round, the Latvian driver strapped into the E92 Eurofighter and made it into the top 8, knocked out by the eventual winner.

What separates the E92 Eurofighter from most drift cars is its body is almost entirely made of composites. Rather than overfenders, new fenders were molded from a kevlar/carbon weave from strength and durability, along with other parts likely to contact other cars. Only the roof and rear window surround are pure carbon. Kristaps estimates the car is 90% covered in composites, which drops about 34% of the weight of a road-going E92. Power comes from a Dart aluminum small blocked bored and stroked to 427 CID built by Mast Motorsports that produces 900 horsepower without any forced induction, but drawn through a sizeable AEM panel filter.

Behind the mighty mouse motor is a Samsonas 5-speed sequential transmission to a Winters Performance quick-change rear. Brakes are from Wilwood, shocks from Nitron, and tires from Achilles. About AEM, Kristaps comments that “we’ve been working with AEM for five years. They give us service and quality – they’re perfect partners.” And now you’ll have a chance to see the HGK Motorsports E92 sitting still in the AEM Booth 22755 at the 2017 SEMA Show or watch the video about this amazing car.

A Mast Motorsports 427ci behemoth powers Kristaps Bluss' BMW E92

A Mast Motorsports 427ci behemoth powers Kristaps Bluss' BMW E92


Chris Forsberg's Insane SR20DET-Powered Datsun 510 Wagon Debuts at SEMA 2017

Click the video to hear what Chris Forsberg has to say about his wife's new grocery getter

Click the video to hear what Chris Forsberg has to say about his wife's new grocery getter

Three-time Formula D Champion Chris Forsberg just can’t leave well enough alone. He purchased a clean and straight 1972 Datsun 510 wagon off of Craigslist for his wife Michelle to drive. But before she knew it, the talented drifter and car builder was tearing the PL-510 down to the bare chassis to make it a more modern, powerful, safer, and more street-able daily driver. The first step was to remove all rust from the 45-year-old car and replace it with fresh metal.

First displayed as a completed project at the AEM booth at the 2017 SEMA Show, the 510 wagon proved to be a real show-stopper. While the project started out in Chris’s two-car garage, it was clear he needed some space/help so the whole operation was moved over to RAD Industries.

Starting underneath the car all the worn ball joints and bushings and tired shocks have been replaced by a Techo Toy Tuning front end including a coil-over conversion, various rods and links, and a pair of camber plates for up on top of the inner fender.

The original Safari Gold paint was reapplied, but with metal flake and a clear coat top

Much work was required to fit the flairs. Check out the prototype rear suspension and the rear discs

At the rear is a custom four-bar plus Panhard bar solution (remember Datsun 510 wagons were fitted with solid rear axles and not IRS) also developed by Techno Toy Tuning that utilizes coilovers to replace the leaf springs and shocks.

Under the hood is a full-tilt SR20DET by Mazworx in Florida. It’s literally one of those “best of everything” builds: an oversized tapered conical AEM air filter, carbon billet intake manifold, top-mounted Garrett GTX turbocharger, Supertech valvetrain, JE pistons, all held together with ARP hardware. An oversized aluminum racing radiator replaces the tiny stock unit. Backing up this drift-worthy motor is an upgraded automatic so as Chris says “you won’t be splashing your morning coffee when you’re trying to shift gears.”

The exterior features CarbonSignal full-flared fenders, a real trick on a PL-510 wagon which required three separate pieces to align perfectly. The body was sprayed by Sam’s Autoland in the original factory Safari Gold with some added metallic and a clear coat too, as Chris puts it “give it that extra shine we’re looking for.” The stock color also helps to keep its Q-Ship factor low, but it has been fitted with a 2000GT-X Skyline grille, for the cognoscenti to recognize this is no ordinary wagon as if the lack of front and rear bumpers and the addition of a front spoiler weren’t enough.

The turbocharged Nissan SRD20 engine fits in the 510 wagon like a glove

The engine bay is super sanitary. Any unneeded holes were welded and ground smooth before paint

Wheels are massive era-appropriate Speedstar MKIII, which Chris modified to what he believes are the largest rear wheels ever fitted to a 510 wagon. Behind the wheels is a big brake kit from Techno Toy Tuning that features Wilwood calipers on all four corners.

Interior comforts have not been forgotten as, after all, this is supposed to be a daily driver. Dynamat was installed around the interior to keep engine and chassis noise down, while a modern air conditioning system has been fitted along with the Los Angeles-mandatory GPS system. Reclining Recaro seats keep driver and passengers secure and comfortable.

Chris has been an AEM-supported driver for a number of years, but with the number of choices out there why does he favor AEM? “We choose AEM because we’re always looking for reliability, even in our street cars. AEM has such a wide variety of intakes that they’ll fit any car you’re looking for, whether it’s a street car or a race car. We want to make sure we keep all the particles out of the engine because if you let any of those particles through, you’re going to have a failure.”


Dylan Hughes Transitions From Mechanic to Formula D Pro 2 Drifting Sensation

Dylan Hughes pilots his V8-powered Nissan S13 drift car at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle, WA

Dylan Hughes pilots his V8-powered Nissan S13 drift car at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle, WA

In high school, Dylan Hughes was into lifted trucks and rock crawling. After growing up in a household with a dad who was into racing cars and dirt bikes, it didn’t take long for Hughes to get tired of moving slowly. Hughes was initially exposed to drifting via Youtube when a friend who was into drifting showed him some videos, and it triggered memories of riding freestyle dirt bikes, but with cars. Soon after, Hughes had purchased a 240SX. As is typically the case, Hughes quickly moved from the stock KA24 engine to a Japanese SR20DET. After that motor had met its’ demise, Hughes started to look into power upgrade options and stumbled upon the “Tuerck’d” and “Drift Garage” Youtube series. Hughes got motivated and decided to swap his 240SX to a V8 engine, which he completed in his garage with his dad.

Hughes took out Josh Robinson in the FInal 4 of the Pro 2 event at Evergreen Speedway

Hughes took out Josh Robinson in the FInal 4 of the Pro 2 event at Evergreen Speedway

The V8 swap went relatively smoothly thanks in large part to Hughes’ fabrication skills. When he was into trucks, Hughes became the go-to for all of his friends to build tube bumpers and rock sliders for those trucks. Shortly after high school, Hughes would get a job working at the famed Dirtfish Rally school outside of Seattle, Washington, and worked his way from grading the courses to helping with some of the general mechanical upkeep of the cars. In 2013, Travis Pastrana’s foray into Global Rallycross was supported by the Dirtfish school, and Hughes would help out with the racing team when they were testing at the school. Hughes would get to know the team, and even help out as a mechanic at a few events. Through a twist of fate, Hughes would meet Brian Wilkerson at SEMA in 2013 while working for the Pastrana GRC team, and Wilkerson would ask Hughes to help turn wrenches for Forsberg Racing as they expanded to a two-car team in 2014 with Jhonnattan Castro behind the wheel of the second car. Forsberg would go on to win the 2014 championship, and Hughes would become a go-to helper for the CFR team.

Hughes faced Matt Vankirk in the final but fell just short of the event win at his first Pro 2 event

Hughes faced Matt Vankirk in the final but fell just short of the event win at his first Pro 2 event

Hughes would move from the Pacific Northwest to live near Baltimore, Maryland before the 2015 season to work fulltime at MA Motorsports, the shop run by CFR crew chief Wilkerson. Putting his fabrication skills to work, Hughes would become the “roll cage guy” at the shop and caged more than 20 cars in his time at MA Motorsports. Hughes is quick to credit Derek Nelson at Dirftfish for teaching him many tricks to automotive fabrication, and continued to see his skills develop while at MA Motorsports. After watching drifting from the pits for nearly two years, Hughes decided to enter the final US Drift ProAm event of the season in 2015, a decision which would re-ignite his passion for driving. Hughes placed second at the event, and made the commitment to run the entire US Drift ProAm series in 2016 to focus on his own driving career.

With the guidance and knowledge from working with Wilkerson, Forsberg, and the CFR team, Wilkerson was able to win the US Drift ProAm championship in 2016, which granted him a Formula Drift Pro 2 license for the 2017 season. After CFR and MA Motorsports parted ways, Hughes returned to his West Coast roots and returned to work at Dirtfish Rally School as a driving instructor. His success in the US Drift championship helped him build his credentials as a driver, and some additional training allowed him to start to teach others about car control and driving techniques while on gravel and dirt.

Forsberg rushed Hughes in the winners' circle to celebrate his 2nd place finish

Forsberg rushed Hughes in the winners' circle to celebrate his 2nd place finish

Unfortunately, running the entire 2017 Pro 2 season wasn’t an option from the get-go. With Hughes living in Washington and the first event in Orlando, Florida, more than 3,000 miles away, just showing up to the first event would have cost more than running the entire US Drift ProAm series the season before. While Hughes had the support of a few sponsors, the decision to skip the first two Pro 2 events allowed him to save budget and focus on driving at an event that was local to him. Formula Drift rolled into Evergreen Speedway outside of Seattle for the third round of the 2017 Pro 2 season, and Hughes decided to enter to see where he stacked up against the rest of the Pro 2 field. During Thursday qualifying, Hughes would take Q3 in qualifying, showing he could drive the line that judges requested during the drivers briefing. As the tandem ladder would shape up, Hughes would defeat Gyorgy Szilveszter in the Top 16, Travis Reeder in the Top 8, and Josh Robinson in the Final 4 before finally falling to Matt Vankirk in the final. Finishing in second place was far ahead of expectations for Hughes, and Forsberg was one of the first to rush to the winner's circle to congratulate him.

Hughes sat out the final round of the 2017 Pro 2 season but is eyeing a possible full season run in 2018 knowing his driving skills are on par with the best drivers in the class.

Dylan Hughes earned 2nd place at his first Formula D Pro 2 event at Evergreen Speedway

Dylan Hughes earned 2nd place at his first Formula D Pro 2 event at Evergreen Speedway


AEM-Sponsored Formula Drift Drivers Bring Home Trophies in 14th Season

Fredric Aasbo claimed his 10th career victory at Montreal, most all-time in FD History

Fredric Aasbo claimed his 10th career victory at Montreal, most all-time in FD History

Over the course of the 2017 season, AEM’s sponsored drivers took home seven trophies, including two event wins, and had a combined tandem record of 55-37. Overall, the drivers debuted three new cars over the course of the season, with much fanfare. AEM drivers played a part in the OEM championship (Toyota Racing), the Tire Manufacturer Championship (Falken Tire), and two drivers finished in the Top 5 of the final Formula Drift championship standings.

Fredric Aasbo debuted his Toyota Corolla iM this year and contributed to Toyota's OEM Championsh

Fredric Aasbo debuted his Toyota Corolla iM this year and contributed to Toyota's OEM Championship

Leading the way, Fredric Aasbo kicked off the season by debuting his new Toyota Corolla iM chassis and pushed the car to an event win in just its’ second competitive event in Orlando. Aasbo would win again in Canada, and in doing so, would become the first driver to earn ten event wins over his Formula Drift career. Overall, Aasbo finished in second place for the third time in four seasons, with his championship in 2015 being the sole time he didn’t finish in second place. Aasbo also joined Ken Gushi and Ryan Tuerck in contributing towards the OEM Championship for Toyota, their first manufacturer championship in Formula Drift. Aasbo also contributed to manufacturer wins with Toyota’s sister company Scion in 2014, 2015, and 2016 prior to the Scion brand being sunsetted.

Kristaps Bluss debuted his E92 "Eurofighter" chassis at the Formula D season finale at Irw

Kristaps Bluss debuted his E92 "Eurofighter" chassis at the Formula D season finale at Irwindale

Kristaps Bluss had a breakout year in Formula Drift this season, earning three podium finishes and a career-best finish of fifth in the final championship table. Bluss’ E46 BMW chassis was frequently one of the fastest cars on the grid, and after an unfortunate issue on the dyno prior to Irwindale put the E46 on the sideline for the weekend, Bluss debuted his E92 “Eurofighter” car ahead of the planned 2018 unveiling. Bluss made the Top 16 at every round this season, one of only three drivers to accomplish that through the eight-event season. In just his third season of competition in the US, Bluss has become one of the most feared competitors with his HGK Motorsports drift team.

Chris Forsberg's twin-turbocharged 370z earned second place at Formula Drift Texas

Chris Forsberg's twin-turbocharged 370z earned second place at Formula Drift Texas

Coming off the 2016 championship, Chris Forsberg made the decision to switch from the V8 powerplant that he has run for the past eleven seasons to the original V6 powerplant that came in the Nissan 370z chassis he pilots in the series. Some testing issues pushed the debut of the car back to New Jersey, and the change took a few events to get back to their winning ways. Forsberg would pilot the twin-turbocharged Nissan VQ37 engine to a second place finish at Texas Motor Speedway, his first trophy in a turbocharged car since he won the Formula Drift Irwindale event back in 2005 in an SR20-powered Nissan S15. Overall, development of the new car pushed the team further down the final championship table than they would have liked, but they feel confident going into 2018. The second place finish was Forsberg’s 34th career podium, a high water mark in Formula Drift history. Forsberg continues to be one of only three drivers to have competed at every Formula Drift event to date, a total of 96 through the end of the 2017 season.

Matt Field contributed to the Tire Manufacturer Championship for his Falken Tire sponsor in Montreal

Matt Field contributed to the Tire Manufacturer Championship for his Falken Tire sponsor in Montreal

With back-to-back wins and a fifth place overall finish to end the 2016 season, Matt Field felt like 2017 was his year to challenge for a championship. Unfortunately, Field couldn’t add to his trophy collection over the course of the 2017 season and finished in 17th overall in the championship. His Top 8 finish in Montreal would contribute 52 points towards the Tire Championship for Falken Tire, a championship title which Falken won for the second consecutive season. Field has already announced that he will be retiring the Nissan S14 chassis that he has piloted since 2012, instead moving to a 2013 C6 Chevy Corvette for the 2018 season.

Dan Burkett faced a tough Rookie season adapting from Formula D Pro 2 to the Pro class

Dan Burkett faced a tough Rookie season adapting from Formula D Pro 2 to the Pro class

Dan Burkett faced a tough rookie effort in the premiere Pro class of Formula Drift, having graduated from the Pro 2 class that he ran in 2016 with the same Toyota Supra chassis. Burkett earned his first tandem victory in the Pro class at Seattle, knocking out Kyle Mohan in the Round of 32 before losing to eventual event winner and season champ James Deane in the Top 16. Burkett used 2017 as a learning and development year and plans to return in 2018 with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in the top class of Formula Drift.

AEM thanks all of their drivers for their hard work over the course of the 2017 season, and is thankful for all the success they have seen while utilizing AEM products. We look forward to continuing to work with our drivers in 2018 and beyond!


AEM Replacement Filter is Designed to Boost HP to Select Honda and Acura Vehicles

2017 Honda Ridgeline at the 2016 SEMA show with dirt bike in bed

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline can benefit from added airflow from an AEM replacement air filter

In the world of cars, Honda is like everybody’s mom. It knows exactly what its customers need, even before they do. Then like a steaming plate of comfort food, it serves up a selection of vehicles that are perfectly suited for modern life. Take for example the 2016-2017 Acura MDX. It’s a midsize SUV that is both a luxurious isolation chamber and a practical crossover. The 2016-2017 Honda Pilot offers a family of 7–8 enough room, cupholders, and power outlets to survive a trip across the country. And the innovative 2017 Honda Ridgeline gives people all the versatility of a pickup, with literally none of the drawbacks. All 3 of these ‘just right’ vehicles are powered by the new Honda Earth Dreams 3.5L V6, which provides plenty of punch, and laudable fuel economy as well. But if you want to improve the acceleration and efficiency of your Honda Pilot, Acura MDX, or Honda Ridgeline, then have a look at the AEM 28-50041.

More Air = More Power

The reason that a Honda 3.5L V6 can make such great power without consuming a lot of fuel has to do with its design. It’s got a lot of clever technology, like direct injection, and a 3-stage VTEC System that can shut down 3 of the cylinders when you’re cruising to save fuel. But no matter how many microchips it has, the Earth-Dreams 3.5L V6 is still basically an air pump. Oxygen gets sucked into the cylinders, where it’s consumed by the fire that occurs during combustion. This creates rotational energy that turns the crankshaft, and eventually the wheels. If you put more air into the cylinders, that fire/detonation can get hotter and create even more energy to turn the wheels. However, the stock Honda air intake system has an inherent flaw, namely the OE Honda air filter. You see, it’s made from paper, and it takes a lot of pressure to force air through it. Any dirt particles that may be in the air, get stuck on the surface of the filter, usually between the pleats/folds. Obviously, this prevents dirt from getting into the engine, where it can cause serious damage. However, this type of ‘surface loading’ filter actually reduces the amount of air being injected into the cylinders. Especially when that layer of dirt builds up on the surface.

An AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter, on the other hand, is made from a non-woven synthetic material, sandwiched between two layers of sturdy aluminum mesh. This low restriction material is able to flow more air than the paper Honda air filter, which allows more air to get into the cylinders prior to combustion. As the gasoline burns, the additional oxygen molecules intensify the heat, so more energy/power gets released from the same amount of fuel.

Improved Throttle Response

An AEM 28-50041 DryFlow Air Filter will improve performance by eliminating airflow restrictions

An AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter will improve performance by eliminating airflow restrictions

Because of the improved airflow, an AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter will dramatically improve the throttle response of your 2016-2017 Honda Pilot, 2017 Honda Ridgeline or 2016-2017 Acura MDX. Every time you step on the gas, extra air will rush into the cylinders, allowing your Honda EarthDreams 3.5L V6 to make power at lower RPMs. You will notice an engine that is more eager to respond, and a more aggressive engine sound when you really get on the “Go Pedal”.

Protect Your Engine & Warranty

Compared to traditional Honda performance air filters, the AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter has additional pleats that are 1/4-in deeper than you would find in a typical cotton gauze air filter. This increases both the flow rate and filtration because the 3-Dimensional synthetic fibers trap up to 99% of airborne contaminants. It will then hold that dirt for up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required (depending on driving conditions). The AEM 28-50041 air filter is also a direct-fit replacement for your OE Honda 3.5L V6 air filter. So your factory warranty will not be affected. Plus, it’s 50-state legal too.

Save Time & Money

The synthetic AEM 28-50041 DryFlow Air Filter is washable & guaranteed for life

The synthetic AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter is washable & guaranteed for life

Cleaning a reusable AEM performance air filter is simple and hassle-free because there is no messy oil treatment required. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to shell out for a replacement Honda air filter every 10,000 miles. And your investment is guaranteed by the AEM Lifetime Limited Warranty. So if you’re ready to improve the performance, sound, and longevity of your 2016-2017 Acura MDX, 2016-2017 Honda Pilot, or 2017 Honda Ridgeline, then pick up an AEM 28-50041 today!

The AEM 28-50041 is designed to fit the following vehicles:

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Chris Forsberg Builds a Twin Turbo Nissan 370Z, a Big Shift From Previous V8 Setup

Photo by Larry Chen

Chris Forsberg switched from a V8 engine program to a Twin Turbo engine program for the 2017 season

After becoming Formula Drift Champion for the third time in 2016, Chris Forsberg decided to change things up with his program. Forsberg made the decision to move away from the V8 engine program that powered all three of his championship wins. Now, a turbocharged engine package with a reduced number of cylinders in the motor but increased power output via a pair of Garrett turbochargers powers his 370Z. The shift in engine choice also came with a staffing change in the pits of Chris Forsberg Racing. Forsberg would join Ryan Tuerck in trusting Nameless Performance with support duties, aligning the racing team with the friendship that Forsberg and Tuerck had formed away from Formula Drift many years ago that has lead to many off-track projects away from Formula Drift. Together, Forsberg and Nameless Performance would revamp the same Nissan 370Z chassis that Forsberg drove to his third championship last year to become the fireball-spitting car that you see on track today.

Photo by Larry Chen

Chris Forsberg captured his first podium under twin turbocharged power at the Formula D Texas event

Moving to the VQ37 motor gave Forsberg an opportunity to return the factory engine back under the hood of his Nissan 370Z, a scenario that’s becoming increasingly rare in drifting competition. This also helped increase the visibility of several sponsorship partners that Forsberg held with projects away from Formula Drift competition, most notably via the pair of Garrett GTX3071R turbochargers. The turbos were paired with Nameless Performance turbo manifolds, a Nameless Performance AntiLag kit, and a pair of Turbosmart wastegates that shoot flames out of the hood between shifts. With more than 40 pounds of boost pressuring the entire system, the setup pushes more than 1,000 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels.

Some early season testing caused some head gasket issues, and the Nameless Performance team tested a few different configurations before finding the right balance of power and reliability. The current setup uses an RJ Manufacturing engine block that has been increased to a 4.0L displacement via a Brian Crower 98mm stroker kit, with 11:1 compression JE Pistons, Supertech Performance valve springs and retainers, Jim Wolf 272 degree camshafts, and a custom drysump oiling system to keep everything lubricated. Air is ingested through a pair of AEM filters before flowing into the Greddy GTR upper intake manifold, which is fitted to the block via an RJ Manufacturing lower intake manifold conversion. The VP Racing C85 fuel is injected via Deatschwerks 1500 cc injectors into the cylinder, while a full catalog of Motec electronics take care of the electrical side of things. That catalog includes a Motec M150 ECU and a pair of Motec PDM15 power distribution units that are controlled by a Motec 15-button keypad and monitored by the Motec C125 dash.

Photo by Larry Chen

Forsberg's suspension setup on his Nissan 370Z remains largely unchanged from previous seasons

Overall, the rest of the chassis and suspension remains largely unchanged from previous years. Forsberg did switch to BC Racing XR coilovers this season, but the full catalog of Voodoo13 billet control arms, camber arms, toe arms, traction arms, and steering angle kit are the same suspension units that Forsberg utilized in his championship-winning season last year. Several other parts like the Advanced Clutch Technology triple-plate clutch, Hollinger 6-speed sequential transmission, Winters quick-change differential, and Wilwood calipers (including dual calipers on the rear axle to help initiate and control drifts) are all longstanding partnerships that Forsberg continues with this latest chassis. Outside the car, the Nismo body kit and spoiler, Seibon carbon fiber panels, and APR Performance splitter and mirrors are also carryovers from previous years. Each pass Forsberg makes on track happens through SSR GTX01 wheels and, most importantly, Hankook RS4 tires in 275/40R18 sizing in the rear and 245/40R18 sizing in front.

Photo by Larry Chen

Forsberg and his Nameless Performance team tested a few different engine configurations in 2017

After a few events of learning the chassis and getting used to the power delivery, Forsberg finally strung together several strong tandem battles at the Texas Motor Speedway event in September. Forsberg eliminated Robbie Nishida, Michael Essa, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Odi Bakchis in tandem battles before finally falling to current series leader James Deane in the final. Overall, the second place finish was Forsberg’s record-setting 34th podium finish in Formula Drift, with no other driver holding more than 24 podium finishes. While Forsberg isn’t in the chase for the 2017 championship, the team is confident that they will return to championship form in coming seasons.

Photo courtesy Chris Forsberg Racing

Chris Forsberg's 370Z utilizes a Greddy GTR intake manifold thanks to a RJ Manufacturing adaptor