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2004-2008 Ford Tough Trucks and SUV's Find Performance with AEM Dryflow Air Filter

AEM DryFlow replacement air filter 28-20287
AEM Dryflow replacement air filter 28-20287
The Mark LT is a full amenities luxury pickup truck manufactured by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company. The Mark LT first went on sale in January 2005 for the 2006 model year. Based on the Ford F-150, the Mark LT is built at Ford's River Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, on the same assembly line as the closely related F-150.
Ford F-150 5.4L
Ford F-150 5.4L

The legendary F-Series is a series of full-size trucks produced by Ford for over six decades. The most popular version of the series is hands-down the F-150. For over 24 years it was not only the best selling truck in the United States, but also the bestselling vehicle overall. In the tenth generation of the F-Series, the F-250 and F-350 changed body style in 1998, joining the Super Duty series.

The Lincoln Navigator is the premium full-size sport utility vehicle that in essence created the class. The common threads running through all these is that they are built "Ford tough" and many of these models can find extra performance by simply swapping the existing OEM air filter with AEM's 28-20287 Dryflow® replacement air filter. The AEM Dryflow filter is a direct replacement for the factory installed air filter, so no modifications will be required (refer to your factory manual for specific instructions).  AEM's 28-20287 air filter fits the Ford and Lincoln vehicles listed below.

These performance air filters do not use oil, so there's never the risk of over-oiling, eliminating the guess work and simplifying servicing. The thick, washable, synthetic air filter media allows for high airflow and it has a high dirt-holding capacity. Oil-free Dryflow filters use environmentally friendly, mild, all-purpose cleaner, and come with easy to follow cleaning instructions. The Dryflow filter media is so durable in fact that it can withstand almost unlimited cleanings. With it's capability to hold a large amount of dirt you won't need to clean it that often anyway.  AEM's Dryflow air filter will not void your Ford or Lincoln warranty.

Complete AEM 28-20287 air filter applications:

2008 Lincoln Mark Lt 5.4L
2008 Ford F150 5.4L V8
2007 Lincoln Mark Lt 5.4L
2007 Ford F350 Super Duty 5.4L
2007 Ford F350 Cutaway 5.4L - Class C
2007 Ford F350 5.4L
2007 Ford F250 Super Duty
2007 Ford F150 5.4L
2006 Lincoln Navigator 5.4L
2006 Lincoln Mark Lt 5.4L
2006 Ford F350 Super Duty 5.4L
2006 Ford F350 Cutaway 5.4L - Class C
2006 Ford F350 5.4L
2006 Ford F250 Super Duty 5.4L
2006 Ford F150 5.4L
2006 Ford Expedition 5.4L
2005 Lincoln Navigator 5.4L
2005 Ford F350 Super Duty 5.4L
2005 Ford F350 5.4L
2005 Ford F250 Super Duty 5.4L
2005 Ford F150 5.4L
2005 Ford Expedition 5.4L
2005 Ford Excursion 5.4L - w/Panel Filter
2004 Ford F150 5.4L
AEM Replacement Air Filter Box for Ford Lincoln Models 

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