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2014-2016 Ford Fiesta 1.0L Get an Estimated 9 Horsepower with AEM 21-816C Cold Air Intake Kit

AEM Cold Air Intake Systems are designed to add horsepower and torque to the 1.0 L Fiesta

The AEM cold air intake kit is comprised of the aluminum intake tube, connectors, and Dryflow filter

The 1.0L three-cylinder EcoBoost engine in the 2014-2016 Ford Fiesta can only be described as a little marvel. The Editors at Wards Auto selected it as one of the “Ten Best Engines” and write that “the 1.0L EcoBoost just isn’t an entry-level engine. It doesn’t drive like one, it doesn’t sound like one and there is nothing cheap about its engineering.”

While the US version develops 123 horsepower from an engine block that can be covered by a sheet of paper, Europe gets a special 138 horsepower version, which in a 2,700 lb car makes for a swift ride. Not to worry. AEM has developed a cold air intake system for 2014-2016 1.0L EcoBoost Fiestas that adds an estimated nine horsepower at the drive wheels.

One key to the 1.0L EcoBoost’s power output, which on a displacement basis matches some of the best engines available, is the unique low-inertia turbocharger, which is capable of spinning at up to 248,000 rpm in order to reduce throttle lag.

In addition to turbocharging, the engine utilizes fuel injection that provides multiple injections per combustion cycle directly into the cylinders and DOHC Ti-VCT to control both intake and exhaust valve operation. While the cylinder head is cast in aluminum, the tiny engine block (which can be covered by a sheet of paper) is cast in iron to reduce warm up times.

Upon inspecting the 1.0L Fiesta, AEM engineers determined that there were several areas in the intake system that they were able to improve. First, the air box sits aside the engine in one of the warmest areas under the hood. Next is that its location removed it from much of the cool, fresh, outside air that’s you critical in developing power. And further, they determined that the engine would produce more power with a larger intake tube, particularly for overboost situations.

AEM intakes are designed to reduce intake restriction as they smooth and straighten air flow

The intake tube passes down through where the OEM air box was located to reach fresh incoming air

The solution arrived at by AEM is a unique system designed, tuned and dyno-tested to fit 2014-2016 Ford Fiesta 1.0L models. The 21-816C cold air intake system repositions the air filter low and towards the front of the car where it can draw cooler air, and isolated from power-robbing underhood temperatures. The cooler air is then channeled through a gunmetal-gray mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube directly into the engine’s throttle body. The factory IAT sensor mounts directly on the intake tube, near the filter in the cooler airstream.

A key to the cold air intake system is the AEM Dryflow filter. The AEM Dryflow filter is constructed from an innovative synthetic filter material. The oversized round tapered 21-2011DK AEM DryFlow filter is formed from this washable, non-woven synthetic filter medium optimized for air flow, filtration, and performance. Dryflow filters are so efficient that they’re able to capture up to 99% of all contaminants before they can reach your engine.

The AEM 21-816C cold air intake is a relatively straightforward DIY modification that takes just a few hours to install, with tools just about everyone has in their garage. The AEM 21-816C utilizes only factory mounting points, so there are no holes to drill or permanent modifications to make to your Fiesta.

Installation of the AEM Cold Air Intake System should take less than a Saturday morning

All parts and instructions needed to install your new AEM 21-816C are included in the box

Your AEM 21-2011DK air filter is capable of protecting your engine for about 100,000 miles, with proper service (depending upon your driving conditions). If you drive regularly in dusty or dirty conditions, your filter will probably require more frequent inspection and maintenance. Cleaning is straightforward and consists of an application of AEM 1-1000 synthetic air filter cleaner. The AEM synthetic air filter cleaner loosens and dissolves dirt and grime collected by the filter, after which the filter need only be rinsed clear with water, air dried, and reinstalled.

The AEM 21-816C is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2016 FORD FIESTA 1.0L L3 Fuel Injection - All Models
2015 FORD FIESTA 1.0L L3 Fuel Injection - All Models
2014 FORD FIESTA 1.0L L3 Fuel Injection - All Models


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