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AEM 21-814C Cold Air Intake Adds Horsepower and Torque to 2017 Toyota Corolla 1.8L

The AEM Cold Air Intake system consists of a Dryflow filter and madrel-bent aluminum intake pipe

The AEM cold air intake kit for 2017 Corolla can be installed with simple tools in just a few hours

The 1.8L four cylinder engine available in the 2017 Toyota Corolla is both powerful for a non-turbocharged, and reliable, given its long service life. However, with the simple installation of an AEM 21-814C cold air intake system, the 2017 Toyota Corolla 1.8L gains an estimated four horsepower – as measured at the rear wheels - as well as improve acceleration and engine sound.

While officially code named the 2ZR-FAE, the engine is typically referred to simply as the 2ZR. It’s manufactured at Toyota’s engine plant in Virginia and has been in production since 2007. Both the engine block and the cylinder heads are cast from aluminum alloy with DOHC and 16 valves with dual variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i).

In stock form, the 2ZR produces 132 horsepower at 6000 RPM, and 128 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm. These figures come from tests of the engine not installed in a vehicle, so it’s representative of engine power at the flywheel. When measured at the drive wheels, with the transmission and drive train consuming power, the horsepower could be as much as 20 percent lower.

In order to raise horsepower and torque, the engineers at AEM analyzed the layout of the air intake system on the 2017 Toyota Corolla and recognized there was a route to more power. Not to take anything away from Toyota engineers, but their responsibilities in creating an intake include variables like cost down to the penny and how many seconds it takes a worker to install the intake.

The factory PCV and MAF sensor mount directly on the aluminum intake tube.

The AEM Dryflow air filter has been relocated to the front of the car to catch cool intake air

Thankfully, those restrictions don’t apply to a performance-oriented AEM cold air intake system like the 21-814C. Once they lifted the hood of the Corolla, AEM engineers identified two areas that were restricting the breathing of the 2ZR engine. First, the air intake is at the back of the engine compartment and any path for cool outside air to reach it is blocked by the battery. Second is that the intake is adjacent to the engine, so some of the heat generated by the engine is drawn into the engine, raising intake temperatures and reducing power.

The solution arrived at by AEM is a unique system designed, tuned, and dyno-tested to fit specific Toyota Corolla models. The 21-814C cold air intake system relocates the air filter low and towards the front of the car where it’s exposed to cooler air, and away from high underhood temperatures. The cooler air is then channeled through a gunmetal-gray mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube directly into the throttle body. The factory PCV and MAF sensor mount directly on the intake tube, connected by a provided extension harness.

AEM Dryflow filters use an innovative high-performance synthetic filter material. The large oval 21-2127DK AEM DryFlow filter is formed from a washable, non-woven synthetic filter medium optimized for airflow and performance with sacrificing filtration. Dryflow filters are so efficient that they capture up to 99% of all contaminants before they can harm your engine.

The AEM 21-814C cold air intake is a relatively straightforward DIY modification that takes just a few hours to install, even for someone with little mechanical experience. Tools required are those that just about everyone has in their garage. The AEM 21-814C utilizes only the factory mounting locations, so there are no holes to drill or permanent modifications to make.

Complete detailed and illustrated installation instructions are included in the shipping carton

Everything needed to install your new AEM 21-814C is included in the box

Your AEM 21-2127DK air filter is good for up to 100,000 miles with proper service (depending upon your driving conditions). Cleaning is straightforward and consists of an application of AEM 1-1000 synthetic air filter cleaner. The AEM cleaner loosens and dissolves dirt and grime collected by the filter, after which the filter need only be rinsed with water, dried, and reinstalled.

The AEM 21-814C is designed to fit the following vehicles:

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