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AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner Makes Filter Cleaning a Breeze

AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner
AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner
Do you hate cleaning? Do you have to spend extended periods of time just to psych up to get motivated to start? Yeah, well who doesn't? The cleaner-haters club has a huge following, so anything that makes cleaning easier, faster, more effective and less agonizing, we embrace with open arms and rubber gloves. There are of course cleaning priorities, organizing the tools in your garage comes before washing the dog, and cleaning your vehicle's reusable AEM Dryflow air filter should realistically trump both of those. Why you may ask? Because a dirty pooch or a greasy socket-set won't directly influence your bottom-line the way a grubby, airflow choking, air filter will.

If you're driving around with a really dirty air filter the overall performance of your vehicle can suffer. Not making your bed regularly is tolerable; not cleaning your air filter is unforgiveable, especially when AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner, part number 1-1000, takes most of the chore out of the procedure.

Instead of viewing it as cleaning, think of it as giving your vehicle the breath of life. AEM's spray on air filter cleaner is simply the gift that keeps on giving every time you use it. The cleaning instructions make the process easy. Begin by gently taping out the loose dirt and bugs from your filter. Next spray the AEM air filter cleaner liberally on the inside and outside of the filter, concentrating on the dirty side of the filter. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse with cool or warm water then let the filter dry naturally, or carefully use compressed air to speed things up. AEM Dryflow® Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner loosens and dissolves dirt so easily and efficiently it's downright entertaining to watch.

AEM Dryflow® Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner is specifically formulated for AEM Dryflow air filters and other synthetic air filters. Keep in mind AEM Dryflow air filters conveniently do not require oil.

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