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AEM Race Top Universal Clamp-On Air FIlters for High Air Flow and Engine Protection

AEM 21-203D-XK Universal Air Filter with Race Top
AEM 21-203D-XK Universal Air Filter with Race Top
Racers and drivers know that a powerful engine demands high airflow in order to ensure proper performance. The trick is to find an air filter which is easy to use, capable of flowing high volumes of air and has a high efficiency so it can stop harmful dirt and contaminants from getting to the motor. Well for racers and drivers with such needs around the globe, AEM has designed an air filter capable of meeting such a demanding set of requirements.
Universal Race Top Air Filter AEM 21-201D-XK
Universal Race Top Air Filter AEM 21-201D-XK

The 21-201D-XK and 21-203D-XK are two of AEM's universal clamp-on, standard Dryflow cone air filters that include AEM's "Race Top" filter media on the end of the filter instead of it being closed. With this design, AEM's "Race Top" filters let air flow in from the top as well as though the sides, which allows for higher air flow capability, making it perfect for racing or getting a great custom look under the hood. These cone air filters have a wire screen for rigid structural strength. The screen holds AEM's washable and reuseable oil-free synthetic media in place. Basically the 21-201D-XK and 21-203D-XK air filters have been designed to provide a great combination of air flow, filtration, and performance. In addition, they also come with a 1 year limited warranty.
AEM Universal Air Filter Race Top
AEM Universal Air Filter Race Top

Another benefit of AEM's high flow air filter media, is that it does not need to be cleaned that often. AEM Dryflow universal air filters do not use oil, so there is no chance of over-oiling your filter thus taking the guesswork out of servicing your AEM air filter. When cleaning, AEM's synthetic air filter cleaner, part number 1-1000 is designed to help loosen and dissolve air filter dirt and road grime so it can be easily and quickly rinsed away with water. Once the air filter is dry, it can be reinstalled.

AEM Dryflow air filters have a low restriction design and provide great engine protection. AEM 21-201D-XK and 21-203D-XK performance air filters have low restriction which help to increase horsepower and torque. They can be clamped on to virtually any 2-1/2 inch or 3 inch intake tube.

AEM Universal Cone Air Filter with "Race Top"
  • High Flow Synthetic Air Filter
  • Universal Cone Air FIlter
  • Clean and Reuse
  • Oil-Free Filter Media
  • Excelent Engine Protection
  • "Race Top" design for excellent air flow
The 21-201D-XK performance air filter offers a 2-1/2 inch inside diameter mounting inlet, a base diameter of 6 inches, air filter body height of 5-1/2 inches and with a tapered cone air filter "Race Top" with an outside diameter of 5 inches. The 21-203D-XK offers the same air filter dimensions as the 21-201D-XK, except it comes with a 3 inch mounting inlet. These racing style universal clamp-on performance air filters offer a great balance of air flow and filtration.

AEM Universal performance air filters can be found on the Universal Air Filters by Dimension page. To find AEM performance products for your vehicle, use the AEM Product Search. To find an AEM dealer near you, use Search for AEM Dealer or simply visit

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