AEM Replacement Filter is Designed to Boost HP to Select Honda and Acura Vehicles

2017 Honda Ridgeline at the 2016 SEMA show with dirt bike in bed

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline can benefit from added airflow from an AEM replacement air filter

In the world of cars, Honda is like everybody’s mom. It knows exactly what its customers need, even before they do. Then like a steaming plate of comfort food, it serves up a selection of vehicles that are perfectly suited for modern life. Take for example the 2016-2017 Acura MDX. It’s a midsize SUV that is both a luxurious isolation chamber and a practical crossover. The 2016-2017 Honda Pilot offers a family of 7–8 enough room, cupholders, and power outlets to survive a trip across the country. And the innovative 2017 Honda Ridgeline gives people all the versatility of a pickup, with literally none of the drawbacks. All 3 of these ‘just right’ vehicles are powered by the new Honda Earth Dreams 3.5L V6, which provides plenty of punch, and laudable fuel economy as well. But if you want to improve the acceleration and efficiency of your Honda Pilot, Acura MDX, or Honda Ridgeline, then have a look at the AEM 28-50041.

More Air = More Power

The reason that a Honda 3.5L V6 can make such great power without consuming a lot of fuel has to do with its design. It’s got a lot of clever technology, like direct injection, and a 3-stage VTEC System that can shut down 3 of the cylinders when you’re cruising to save fuel. But no matter how many microchips it has, the Earth-Dreams 3.5L V6 is still basically an air pump. Oxygen gets sucked into the cylinders, where it’s consumed by the fire that occurs during combustion. This creates rotational energy that turns the crankshaft, and eventually the wheels. If you put more air into the cylinders, that fire/detonation can get hotter and create even more energy to turn the wheels. However, the stock Honda air intake system has an inherent flaw, namely the OE Honda air filter. You see, it’s made from paper, and it takes a lot of pressure to force air through it. Any dirt particles that may be in the air, get stuck on the surface of the filter, usually between the pleats/folds. Obviously, this prevents dirt from getting into the engine, where it can cause serious damage. However, this type of ‘surface loading’ filter actually reduces the amount of air being injected into the cylinders. Especially when that layer of dirt builds up on the surface.

An AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter, on the other hand, is made from a non-woven synthetic material, sandwiched between two layers of sturdy aluminum mesh. This low restriction material is able to flow more air than the paper Honda air filter, which allows more air to get into the cylinders prior to combustion. As the gasoline burns, the additional oxygen molecules intensify the heat, so more energy/power gets released from the same amount of fuel.

Improved Throttle Response

An AEM 28-50041 DryFlow Air Filter will improve performance by eliminating airflow restrictions

An AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter will improve performance by eliminating airflow restrictions

Because of the improved airflow, an AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter will dramatically improve the throttle response of your 2016-2017 Honda Pilot, 2017 Honda Ridgeline or 2016-2017 Acura MDX. Every time you step on the gas, extra air will rush into the cylinders, allowing your Honda EarthDreams 3.5L V6 to make power at lower RPMs. You will notice an engine that is more eager to respond, and a more aggressive engine sound when you really get on the “Go Pedal”.

Protect Your Engine & Warranty

Compared to traditional Honda performance air filters, the AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter has additional pleats that are 1/4-in deeper than you would find in a typical cotton gauze air filter. This increases both the flow rate and filtration because the 3-Dimensional synthetic fibers trap up to 99% of airborne contaminants. It will then hold that dirt for up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required (depending on driving conditions). The AEM 28-50041 air filter is also a direct-fit replacement for your OE Honda 3.5L V6 air filter. So your factory warranty will not be affected. Plus, it’s 50-state legal too.

Save Time & Money

The synthetic AEM 28-50041 DryFlow Air Filter is washable & guaranteed for life

The synthetic AEM 28-50041 DryFlow air filter is washable & guaranteed for life

Cleaning a reusable AEM performance air filter is simple and hassle-free because there is no messy oil treatment required. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to shell out for a replacement Honda air filter every 10,000 miles. And your investment is guaranteed by the AEM Lifetime Limited Warranty. So if you’re ready to improve the performance, sound, and longevity of your 2016-2017 Acura MDX, 2016-2017 Honda Pilot, or 2017 Honda Ridgeline, then pick up an AEM 28-50041 today!

The AEM 28-50041 is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2017 HONDA RIDGELINE 3.5L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2017 HONDA PILOT 3.5L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2017 ACURA MDX 3.5L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2016 HONDA PILOT 3.5L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2016 ACURA MDX 3.5L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models