AEM-Sponsored Formula Drift Driver Chris Forsberg Primed for Victory in 2018

There’s no denying it—Chris Forsberg is the driver to watch in Formula Drift for the 2018 season.

Forsberg’s #64 vehicle

Forsberg’s #64 vehicle has been completely rebuilt for the 2018 season

With the most championship wins of any Formula Drift driver—2009, 2014, and 2016—and the all-time record for podium finishes, Forsberg is one of the most prolific drivers to ever grace the circuit, and has once again established himself as the driver to beat. His recent first place finish in Round 2 at Orlando Speedworld is a fantastic start to his 2018 season, and a reflection of his many years of experience.

In 1999—four years before the founding of Formula Drift, Inc.—Forsberg, only in his late teens, discovered videos of drifting online and began experimenting with the sport. Before there was a professional platform for drifting, Forsberg was a dedicated competitor—living in a friend’s garage to afford vehicle upgrades, and competing with friends in a dilapidated parking lot in New Jersey. Before the sponsorships, the fans, and the world-wide platform, Forsberg was simply a car enthusiast with a passion for pushing the envelope.

Forsberg posing at the 2016 Formula Drift finale in Irwindale

Forsberg posing at the 2016 Formula Drift finale in Irwindale

Forsberg, whose drifting career now spans almost two decades, still hasn’t lost his passion for the sport. This past weekend, he earned another podium finish in Atlanta, Georgia—a triumph for his team, who finished a complete rebuild of Forsberg’s #64 Nissan 370Z in the off-season. Forsberg faced three former champions and 2017 Rookie of the Year Piotr Wiecek, one of the hottest drivers of the current season.

“The car was running perfectly, we were getting some of the fastest sector times out there—it’s one of the fastest cars on track,” Forsberg noted. “The Orlando win was very rewarding for myself and the team . . . we were against the best competitors in the series currently. We struggled with our new set-up, but this year we came in with everything fixed up exactly how we wanted it to be. We now have a championship contending car.”

Forsberg preparing for his heat at Road Atlanta

Forsberg preparing for his heat at Road Atlanta

AEM® has been a long-term sponsor of Forsberg. “We really rely on our AEM filters to keep our car running clean, getting all the power to the ground,” he observed. “With all that dirt, smoke, and debris getting pushed up into the air from the Atlanta clay—we want none of that in the engine. We need to have all the power from our motor to get that top spot again.” Forsberg’s 370Z has a custom AEM® filter that utilizes that same technology as the AEM Dryflow® Air Filters available for your car. Find yours online at

You can watch Chris Forsberg compete in Round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Series at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall Township, New Jersey on June 1-2.