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Andrew Veale Installs Air Intake on 2013 Veloster Turbo & Shares the DIY Success with the World

Andrew Veale bought his 2013 Veloster Turbo based on performance and that it had enough room for his three dogs.
Andrew Veale bought his 2013 Veloster Turbo based on performance and that it had enough room for his three dogs.
For some people the compelling resonance of an AEM cold air intake system is as irresistible as the song of the sirens. Take Tampa, Florida's, Andrew Veale, he's an EDI Implementation tech by day, but at night he becomes an autosound aficionado perfecting the sweet reverberation on his ride. The man recognizes a perfect note when he hears it. Veale's ride is a 2013 Veloster Turbo, for which he recently purchased and installed an AEM Cold Air Intake (21-724C) by himself, instantly deepening the bond between man and machine. AEM's 21-724P Hyundai Veloster air intake is also available for 2013 models.

Veale bought his car in October 2012, before that he was looking to buy either the Hyundai Genesis coupe or the Veloster, but the numbers on the naturally aspirated model were abysmal in his opinion. So when he heard about the Veloster Turbo the scales began to tip in the direction of the VT, especially considering that by adding the AEM Cold Air Intake, the overall horsepower and torque numbers jumped up significantly.
Andrew Veale installed the AEM cold air intake on his car and posted the easy to follow instructions online.
Andrew Veale installed the AEM cold air intake on his car and posted the easy to follow instructions online.
The final decision came down to a matter of space though, as the coupes' are very limited at best and Veale has three dogs. "I figured that the Veloster Turbo would be a better fit for me," he adds.

"This is really my first experience with performance mods," Veale says. "Normally, I focus all of my talent on car audio, trying to get the loudest possible rumble. Now that I had a turbocharged car, I thought it would be appropriate to push the boundaries a little bit and step outside of normalcy. And this air intake is boss."
Andrew Veale says he will embrace any future AEM products for his Veloster.
Andrew Veale says he will embrace any future AEM performance products for his Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

"My car is pretty abnormal looking already (especially painted like a Skittle), so the fact that I've got something under the hood making that much noise has definitely snapped quite a few necks here and there. Standing in front of the car you can hear the air being sucked in; it's amazing just how much air the car needs. Standing behind the car you can hear the exhaust rumbling and tumbling. There are numerous examples of throttle-lag in the Veloster Turbo. This intake seriously diminishes it, if not eliminates it. I floor it and I go - exactly as it should be."

It took just one intake system for Veale's admiration of AEM products to reach near stalker proportions. Veale has gone so far as to post his appreciation for his cold air intake on two Veloster Turbo forums, where he shares the love by detailing the ease of installation for other newbies to use and enjoy under the common thread - AEM CAI: DIY Installation and Post-Install Opinions.

"I wanted to post the install instructions because I hate going into things blind," Veale explains. "I've had numerous other projects that I have done with my cars that I have had no idea where to start, what wire to snip, or what bolt to loosen. I wanted to let anyone who was interested know about the AEM CAI and how easy it was to install, and to give my opinion of it."

As an EDI Implementation tech, Veale sets up software for clients and configures them to send medical claims electronically. It's an exacting job focused on details. And, as a car enthusiast he's a bona fide gear-head, with the same attention to the little things. Veale says he has been working on his cars as long as he can recall.

"I remember when I knew nothing about cars and it would cost a pretty penny to have someone screw me out of my earnings to do something so simple. Basically, the only things I don't do are stuff that the dealer does for free, like oil changes, rotations and balances, etc."

"It's like I told George (Hsieh) when I first talked to him - this is the beginning of a great friendship between AEM and me. I'm very impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service you guys have given me. You've managed to make me feel like I've been with you guys for years and that's not an easy task to accomplish."

AEM makes it easy to add horsepower and torque to Hyundai Veloster non-turbo and Hyundai Veloster turbo models with 1.6 liter engines. AEM's Cold Air Intakes for Hyundai Veloster page lists all AEM Hyundai Veloster air intakes available to increase performance. Use the AEM Product Search to find AEM performance products for your vehicle. To find an AEM dealer near you, use Search for AEM Dealer or simply visit

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