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Carl Renezeder Dominates Yet Another LOORRS Short Course Off-Road Racing Weekend

The inaugural season of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) has been charging forward to create exciting racing action for both racers and spectators alike. Nearing its midway point of the season, the racing series' 5th and 6th rounds were at held the brand-new Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex in Lake Elsinore, California. For the weekend of June 27th and 28th, LOORRS crafted an extremely challenging course layout for the racers and even carved into a hillside to seat the spectators in an ideal location to witness the hot racing action. Amongst the crashes, side-by-side jumps, and triple-digit temperatures, AEM-sponsored Carl Renezeder competed in the Unlimited-2 and Unlimited-4 classes and took home three wins in a weekend of brutal off-road racing.
Carl Renezeder is seen here jumping over a tabletop section at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex
Carl was said to have a unique passing strategy during this race. He was reportedly jumping over competitors to pass them through the tabletop sections
Carl Renezeder is an extremely focused racer as well as a competitive triathlon athlete
Carl is not only a seasoned racing veteran, but also a highly-trained athlete competing in the XTERRA triathlon

As Friday's practice session launched, a severe amount of damage was caused to a quite few race trucks, luckily Renezeder did not take part in the carnage. During the first round of the Unlimited Lite class, Leroy Loerwald crashed badly end-over-end and while waiting for emergency response, Kyle LeDuc charged over the same jump and collided directly into Loerwald's right door. Both trucks were damaged (LeDuc's vehicle was reportedly totaled) and Loerwald suffered a broken arm. As the weekend revealed, this crash seemed to set a trend for the remainder of the race.

On Saturday afternoon, the Unlimited-2 class rolled out and almost immediately Carl Renezeder and Greg Adler separated from the rest of the pack to battle for the frontrunner position. It was a tight race but Renezeder would prove victorious during this battle with Jerry Whelchel joining Carl and Greg for the third-place spot. During the heated battle between Renezeder and Adler a fellow Unlimited-2 racer was involved in another big crash of the weekend. On the 12th lap, Rodrigo Ampudia landed nose first off the last jump which sent his truck twisting through the air. Luckily Ampudia escaped without serious injury however according to reports, his truck is so badly damaged that it is a total loss.

The inclination to crash continued during Sunday's rounds of racing as well. The unfortunate racer this time would be Jerry Whelchel during the Unlimited-2 matchup. On the 11th lap, Whelchel crashed at the same location as Ampudia the previous day. Course workers and emergency crews were instantly on the track administering help and quickly removed Whelchel from the vehicle and back onto his feet. His truck was damaged but the dazed Whelchel was able to walk off the track.

In addition to the treacherous course itself, the temperature during the race never dropped below triple digits. Spectators were looking for shade throughout the day; while the high temps caused severe issues for the race teams. In dealing with the heat in between rounds, the racers had to be cautious not to overheat their vehicles and themselves while in the staging lanes. ''I admire all of my guys for pushing through the heat to prep these things (race trucks) like they did.'' Carl commented on his crew and how flawlessly the trucks performed during the weekend. Carl also went on to say, ''With the relentless heat and dirt, they proved once again why we're a championship team.''

Even with the unyielding temperature and severely battered race trucks, Renezeder went on to win both Round 5 and 6 of the Unlimited-4 class along with one Unlimited-2 class win bringing home three victories for the weekend. The three podium finishes add to Carl's soaring career wins bringing the total up to a colossal amount of 84! This level of commitment and success is only seen by very few racers in a lifetime. If you missed this hardcore racing weekend and want to see Team Renezeder in action, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Rounds 5 & 6 will be broadcasted on July 12th on the SPEED Channel at 2pm and 3pm EST. If you're local and want to see the next LOORRS race, Rounds 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series will return to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex on July 25th and 26th.

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