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Hot Wheels Collectors & Performance Fans Have Six AEM Themed Cars to Find

Hot Wheels' AEM Honda S2000 die-cast cars
Hot Wheels' AEM Honda S2000 die-cast cars
Elliot and Ruth Handler, the co-founders of Mattel, set out to develop a line of quality die-cast toy cars, worthy of their grandkids enjoyment. The year was 1966, and muscle cars were rolling towards their power pinnacle. The Handler's grandkids, like most kids of that era loved to play and collect die-cast cars, but the only die-cast toy cars available at the time were tiny foreign made toys lacking in the kind of quality that set the Mattel Co. apart. So, Mattel decided it would launch its own unique line of die-cast cars at its Hawthorne, California design headquarters.

The story has it that when Elliot Handler first laid eyes on designer Harry Bradley's classic Southern California hot rod in the parking lot he exclaimed, "Man, those are some hot wheels." And the Hot Wheels brand name was born. First introduced in 1968, Hot Wheels were an instant success and they continue to be every bit as hot with kids, and collectors today. In fact they have reached legendary magnitude with toy collectors.
Hot Wheels' AEM Acura NSX die-cast cars
Hot Wheels' AEM Acura NSX die-cast cars

The 1969 pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb, for example, is the Holy Grail for Hot Wheels aficionados. It was long believed that only one hot pink rear-loading Beach Bomb existed, so when it was discovered, it's said that the current owner purchased it for a reported $72,000.

Now another Hawthorne, California company associated with high-quality standards has been chosen by the celebrated Hot Wheels brand. AEM, the company renowned for producing precision tuned air intake systems and performance Dryflow air filters, has their logo featured on several Hot Wheels toy cars. There are currently two vehicle models available, the Acura NSX and the Honda S2000. These performance vehicles are a great choice to highlight the AEM brand and their cold air intakes. AEM air intakes add power and torque to cars by reducing restriction and by feeding cooler outside air to the engine. Both Hot Wheels models come in three different colors, totaling six versions. These are truly worthy as kid's toys or as collectibles.

In 1968 the first line of sixteen Hot Wheels cars sold for 59 cents each. First off the assembly line was the Chevrolet Camaro. Next off the line came the most popular vehicle in the line's history - the Corvette. At the time Hot Wheels was so sizzling hot that the public actually saw the Hot Wheels Custom Corvette before the actual car was introduced by GM. The first ever Hot Wheels collectors' convention was held in Toledo, Ohio in 1987, and today several of the original 16 car models are considered to be extremely rare and valuable. Hot Wheels collecting is truly on an international scale today and it continues to be enjoyed by people of every age. Never underestimate the power of Hot Wheels or history - order your AEM themed cars today.

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