Know When to Service Your Air Filter with AEM's New Line of Filter Minder Gauges

Remote Mounted Gauge 30-5111 10" H20
Remote Mounted Gauge 30-5111 Standard
Vehicles today have an indicator light or gauge dedicated for just about anything. Many late-model vehicles feature readouts for tire pressure, gas mileage, they'll even tell you if you've forgotten to tighten the gas cap! Oddly enough, when it comes to knowing when to service the air filter, one of the most important components of a vehicle, you're left on your own. For many, knowing when to clean your vehicle's air filter can be tricky.
Dash Mounted Filter Minder Gauge 30-5110
Dash Mounted Filter Minder Gauge 30-5110

Some of the typical questions when it comes to servicing air filters are: How many miles can I go between service intervals? Do I service the air filter when it looks dirty? Does it look dirty? Can my air filter be clogged? In addition to these very valid questions, air filters are not always easily accessible to determine if they should be serviced or not.  In most cold air intake system setups, the front bumper and/or wheel well liner needs to be removed just to simply inspect the air filter.

With AEM's new line of Filter Minder® gauges, the guesswork has been eliminated when it comes to knowing if it's time to service your air filter. AEM's new Filter Minder gauges are an air filter service indicator. They constantly monitor airflow and the gradual increase of air filter restriction.
Remote Mounted Gauge 30-5121 20" H20
Remote Mounted Gauge 30-5121 20" H20

As an air filter becomes dirty it holds much of the dirt and debris that was kept out of your engine. With this additional dirt and debris in the way the air filter gets restricted. The Filter Minder gauge senses this restriction.  Its needle displays the current condition of your air filter. When the air filter is clean and has little restriction, the needle will stay in the green section of the gauge. As the air filter moves through its service interval it will move into the yellow section. Once the Filter Minder needle reaches the red zone it's time to service your filter and reset the Filter Minder gauge.

AEM currently has three Filter Minder gauges available.  The dash mounted Filter Minder gauge (part 30-5110) is designed for mounting inside the cabin of your vehicle. The dash mounted gauge includes all the necessary hardware for mounting. Ten feet of vacuum hose and bezels in silver and black are included so the gauge can be customized to match the interior of your vehicle.

AEM also offers remote mounted Filter Minder gauges for easy mounting in the engine bay of your vehicle. Two remote mounted gauges are available.  The 30-5111 is the standard remote mounted gauge suitable for most applications.  It like part 30-5110 is designed to show a red indication at a pressure of approximately 10 inches of water.  The 30-5121 remote mounted gauge is designed for heavy-duty diesel applications where a pressure drop of less than 20 inches of water is acceptable.  These remote mounted systems come with all necessary hardware, including a support bracket for mounting and 36 inches of vacuum hose.

All AEM Filter Minder gauges are easily installed by tapping into a vacuum source on the lid of the air filter then connecting the vacuum hose to the back of the Filter Minder gauge. Each system comes complete with detailed installation instructions.

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