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Mark Jager Prepares his 2006 Subaru WRX STI for Unlimited Class Time Attack

Photo courtesy Mark Jager Racing

Mark Jager set class records at multiple Redline Time Attack events in 2016 in his Subaru WRX STI

Time attack racing in the United States gives drivers an opportunity to chase record-setting laptimes with heavily modified cars that often don’t fit the rule structures of traditional racing. Mark Jager originally purchased a 2006 Subaru WRX STI fresh off a dealership lot back in 2006. While the car was initially modified with an AEM 21-477C intake and a bolt-on exhaust, the car would eventually get turned into a full race car over the period of around 5 years. Jager’s addiction to chasing lap times started when his wife innocently purchased a track day experience as a gift in 2012. A few months later, Jager entered his first Time Attack competition. The addiction had begun, and Mark Jager’s Subaru WRX STI would never be the same.

Photo courtesy Mark Jager Racing

Mark Jager sets up his pit at Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway

Jager began entering Extreme Speed track events, and soon found himself volunteering for the organization. Jager snagged time with several instructors to learn some tips and tricks to push the Subaru WRX STI to its’ limits, and soon found himself instructing new drivers himself. At the end of the season, Jager entered the annual Super Lap Battle competition at Buttonwillow and finished in 5th position in the Street AWD class. A junkie had been introduced to his new habit.

Over the next three seasons, Jager would move up the chain of proverbial Time Attack command. Jager became the AWD Street class champion in both Redline Time Attack and the Extreme Speed series in 2013, setting several track records along the way. Jager would continue smashing records in 2014, and continue his success in the Street class before moving up to the Limited/Modified class in 2015. Unfortunately, the growth wasn’t completely seamless as the 2015 season was marked with blown motors, poor advice, and a ton of hurdles for the team. But by the end of the 2015 season, Jager had a setup that was ready to dominate the Limited/Modified classes in various Time Attack organizations for the following year.

Photo courtesy Mark Jager Racing

Mark Jager took the Unlimited AWD and Overall win at Super Lap Battle in November 2016

As rules would have it, Jager would get pushed out of Modified AWD and into the Unlimited class by the end of 2016. Taking the challenge head-on, Jager and the team prepped for the “Super Bowl of Time Attack” known as Super Lap Battle in the Unlimited AWD class, and took the overall class and event win despite facing several issues throughout the competition. Looking ahead to the 2017 season, Jager and the team had some key decisions to make. Some rule changes in 2016 had pushed the team from the Limited / Modified class into the Unlimited class, and Jager was at a crossroads. There was an opportunity to make some sacrifices to the car and reduce the aero package and tire package that they were used to running to stay in the lower class, or they could continue to push the limits of speed and pursue the Unlimited class with full commitment.

The debate didn’t last long, as Jager is a speed demon at heart. The decision was made to go the Unlimited route, and make every upgrade possible to maintain the top step of the podium.

Photo courtesy Mark Jager Racing

Mark Jager set Modified Class Records at WSIR (1:23.129) and Streets of Willow (1:18.144) in 2016

As the team started planning for the upgrades that would take place in the off-season prior to the 2017 racing schedule, data became a key factor moving forward. “The best teams can unload their car from the trailer and put down fast laps in a short amount of time because they have substantial amounts of data based on what has worked in previous seasons”, said Jager. Data Acquisition suddenly became the biggest priority for the team, and a full overhaul was planned out that included a new standalone ECU, data logger system, and digital dash display. Since the new standalone ECU would require a full rewire, and the Unlimited class allows the team to completely remove the dashboard, a full overhaul was carefully planned and executed shortly after Super Lap Battle in 2016. Subaru wiring specialists iWire stepped up to take care of the entire wiring process for Jager, which gave piece of mind to the team.

The car was rewired and ready just in time to be debuted in the AEM booth at Formula Drift Long Beach in April. Time Attack fans may seem rare at a drifting event, but the appreciation for data logging and speed is shared among all motorsports fans and the car was very well received. Shortly after the event, more upgrades were made in preparation for the 2017 season. Weight reduction became a major focus as a carbon fiber roof was installed, and a Lexan windshield replaced the OEM glass at the front of the car. Tubular subframes are a no-no in the modified class, but with the aforementioned move into the Unlimited class, a tubular rear subframe became another opportunity to save weight and improve the suspension geometry simultaneously.

Photo courtesy Mark Jager Racing

Mark Jager ran a career-best time of 1:41.309 at Buttonwillow Raceway in November 2016

Initial plans for the 2017 season were to debut the car at the Motovicity Speedring event and defend Jager’s 2016 Unlimited AWD class win, but a change in venue from Autoclub Speedway in California to the M1 Concourse venue in Michigan will keep the team from debuting in September. All sights are now set to continue revising and improving the chassis in time for the Super Lap Battle event at Buttonwillow in November. Jager has found a lot of success over the years at Super Lap Battle, and hopes to continue that success with the newly revised chassis while starting the lengthy data gathering process that will only improve future succes.

Career Accomplishments:

2016 Redline Time Attack AWD Modified Class Records at WSIR (1:23.129) and Streets of Willow (1:18.144)

2016 Motovicity Speedring First place AWD Class / 3rd place Overall at Autoclub Speedway (1:38.307)

2016 Super Lap Battle 1st place Unlimited AWD / Overall event winner at Buttonwillow Raceway (1:41.309)

2015 3rd Place Limited AWD Class - Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway (1:46.906)

2014 Redline Time Attack & Global Time Attack Street Class Champion

2014 Overall and Street Class AWD records at Buttonwillow (1:50.207), Big Willow (1:25.487), Autoclub Speedway Infield (1:10.105), and Chuckwalla CW (1:55.316)

2013 Redline Time Attack Street Class Champion

2013 Extreme Speed AWD Competition Street Class Champion

2013 Street Class Time Attack Records at WSIR (1:27.367), Autoclub Speedway Roval (1:45.394), and Chuckwalla CW (1:59.716)

2013 Eight 1st Place finishes at Redline Time Attack

2013 2nd Place Street AWD class – Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow CW

2012 5th place Street AWD Class - Super Lap Battle


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