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Match Competitors' HP with an AEM Intake Kit for Your Lexus NX 200t

AEM 21-787C cold air intake system for Lexus NX200t

The tapered conical Dryflow synthetic air filter provides outstanding air flow and filtration

There’s little to argue about that the Lexus NX 200t is one of the most stylish small SUVs on the market. And the interior has the degree of quality and level of fit and finish you’d expect from Lexus. What surprised many about the small Lexus crossover is that the company would power this model with a turbocharged, four cylinder engine.

The 8AR-FTS 2.0 liter inline four-cylinder DOHC engine features direct fuel injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger designed in-house by Toyota. Compressed intake air passes through a liquid-cooled intercooler to lower its temperature before it enters the combustion chamber. On the exit side of the turbo, a variable wastegate valve improves efficiency. As in almost every other category, you would expect the engine of the NX 200t to be best-in-class. But that’s not the case.

When compared to the Ford Escape, a much less expensive car, but one that is within inches of the NX200t in almost every dimension, generates 245 horsepower from a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine with a turbocharger. That’s a full 10 additional horsepower. But there’s a solution to this shortcoming.

The AEM 21-787C cold air intake is a relatively inexpensive DIY modification that takes only a couple of hours to install with tools just about everyone has in their garage.

The results of AEM testing are that an otherwise stock 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder Lexus NX 200t is measured on the chassis dynamometer with a 21-787C installed, output power increased by an estimated 14 horsepower.

With the AEM 21-787C air intake system, air enters the system through the AEM air filter, which is installed in the original factory air box location and is protected by a heat shield designed to reduce intake air temperature and increase horsepower.

The filter itself is a tapered conical AEM Dryflow synthetic washable air filter which provides outstanding air flow, filtration, and performance.

AEM 21-787C installed in Lexus NX200t

The 21-787C installs in the factory air box location

The AEM 21-787C cold air intake system come with the necessary boots, clamps, and hardware for an OEM-type appearance. OEM mounting brackets and hardware are utilized for seamless installation. The air intake tube is constructed from mandrel-bent aluminum tubing finished in a durable gunmetal gray powder coat. Further, this air intake system was developed to accommodate the 8AR-FTS engine’s factory emissions control devices including the mass air flow sensor and engine vent lines.

Your AEM air filter is good for about 100,000 miles with proper service (depending upon your driving conditions). If you drive in dusty conditions, your filter may require more frequent maintenance. Cleaning consists of an application of AEM synthetic air filter cleaner, which will loosen and dissolve grime and dirt built up on the filter, after which the filter can simply be rinsed with water, dried, and reinstalled. No messy oiling required!

AEM warrants that its intake systems will last for the life of your vehicle. Proof of purchase of both the vehicle and AEM intake system is required for redemption of a warranty claim. Full warranty details are available on the AEM website and in the installation instructions that come with the kit.

The 21-787C fits the following vehicles:

2016 LEXUS NX200T 2.0L L4 Fuel Injection - All Models
2015 LEXUS NX200T 2.0L L4 Fuel Injection - All Models


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