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New AEM Website has Added Functionality and Improved Air Intake Product Information

AEM Induction Systems recently launched a new website at The new website focuses on AEM's automotive air filter products including cold air intakes, short ram intakes, Brute Force air intakes for trucks and Dryflow air filters.  The new site has improved functionality and more information so consumers can find the perfect product for their automotive performance needs. 
The new AEM Website is easy to use and find AEM products
The new AEM Website is easy to use and find AEM products

Improved product search functionality makes it easier than ever to find AEM air intakes.  On the new website users can search by car or truck using the year, make, model and engine size of a vehicle.  The products returned have more images and include all product data available.  For users that aren't sure of their year, make, model, or engine size a search by VIN has been added.  Simply enter your car or truck's VIN number from the dash and get a full list of AEM products that fit it.  Finally there is a product number search for those that know their AEM part number and want information about it like installation instructions, images, and power charts.

The website contains detailed information and features of AEM's air intake systems including Cold Air Intake Systems, Short Ram Intake Systems, Duel Chamber Air Intakes, Hybrid Systems, Brute Force Air Intakes and the Brute Force HD Systems for diesel applications.  Benefits and features of AEM Dryflow Air Filters is also available to provide a deeper understanding of the AEM's oil free filter technology and the benefits related to using it.

Round straight and tapered (Cone) clamp-on universal dryflow air filters with full dimensions are available on If you know the flange inside diameter you need and the available space you can use the chart to find AEM dryflow air filters for your need.

If you already own an AEM air intake or air filter then send us your results on our new feedback form or just relax and watch a few videos or read one of our news stories on racers and others that use AEM products.

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