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Put Off Honda Accord Accessories and Get a Cold Air Intake for a Powerful Drive Now

Honda Accord Coupe

Honda Accord Coupe

When you think "Japanese car", the Honda Accord is at the forefront of most people's minds, and for good reason. Since its arrival on the scene in 1976, the Accord has won countless awards and legendary recognition for safety, fuel economy, reliability, and overall functionality. It's even been dubbed one of the most reliable vehicles in the world, and in the 1990s on into the 21st century the Accord has even become a popular tuning platform in the import scene, especially due to its powerful V6 engines.

AEM offers performance air intake systems for Honda Accords from 1990 through the most recent model year. Forget the cheap accessories, an AEM air intake gives the Honda Accord owner an easy add-on with results they really want, more horsepower and toque. AEM air intakes come in different styles depending on the Accord model. Some are short ram air intakes, which are usually really easy to install with common tools and some are full cold air intakes where the filter is located just outside the engine compartment to get the coolest outside air for large power gains.

For certain models AEM also makes a Dual Chamber Air Intake design that utilizes two tube sizes to create more power. AEM engineers perform lots of testing to determine the best design for each Accord so you get the extra power you want with outstanding engine protection. With some models AEM makes a combination of short ram, cold air and dual chamber air intakes so you have a choice.

1990-1997 Honda Accord Models
Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

21-407P Air Intake System

Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

22-408P Short Ram Air Intake System

Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

24-6008C Dual Chamber Air Intake System

Owners of 1990 through 1993 2.2L 4-cylinder Honda Accord models can increase performance with AEM 22-407B, 22-407P, and 22-407R short ram air intakes. These parts are the same except for color options which are blue, a polished chrome-like finish, and red. The color is designated by the letter suffix on the part number. These short ram air intakes provide great performance and because they have fewer components than cold air intakes they usually cost less.

AEM also offers 21-407B, 21-407C, and 21-407P cold air intake systems for these same models. These cold air intake systems are available in three color options as well; blue, gunmetal gray, and a polished chrome like finish. 1994 through 1997 2.2L 4-cylinder Honda Accord models can benefit from AEM's 22-408B, 22-408P, and 22-408R short ram air intakes or with the more complex 21-408B, 21-408C, and 21-408P cold air intakes.

For those 1994-1997 2.2L Honda Accord owners wanting some very unique air intake system technology, AEM offers the 24-6008C Dual Chamber performance air intake system with changing tube diameters. These intake systems like all AEM intakes maintain every necessary factory connection and simply bolt-in without any tuning required.

1998-2002 Honda Accord Models
21-415B Air Intake System

21-415B Air Intake System

22-415B Air Intake System

22-415B Short Ram Air Intake System

21-415P Air Intake System

21-415P Air Intake System

22-415P Air Intake System

22-415P Short Ram Air Intake System

Owners of 1998 through 2002 2.3L 4-cylinder Honda Accord models can get more power where it counts with the 22-415B, 22-415P, and 22-415R short ram intake systems, or the 21-415B, 21-415C, and 21-415P cold air intake systems.

AEM also offers the 24-6015C Dual Chamber performance intake system for these Honda Accords. The Dual Chamber intake utilizes two different diameters and lengths of piping to create multiple frequency sound waves. These sound waves help charge the cylinders with more air and are what enable them to add outstanding performance.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 3.0L V6 Honda Accord owners can also experience increased performance over the stock air intake with the 22-416B, 22-416P, or 22-416R short ram air intake system or the 21-416B, 21-416C, and 21-416P cold air intake systems.

These cold air intake systems can accommodate AEM's 20-402S Air Bypass Valve to help protect the motor against hydrolock in rainy conditions. Owners of a 1998-2002 V6 Honda Accord with an automatic transmission also can have power where it counts from the 24-6016C Dual Chamber performance intake system.

2003-2007 Honda Accord Models

2003 and 2004 2.4L Honda Accord owners whose vehicles do not have a mass air flow sensor can have a simple to install air intake system with AEM's 22-511B, 22-511P, or 22-511R short ram systems, or the 21-511C or 21-511P cold air intake systems. Like all AEM intake systems, these come with an AEM Dryflow® synthetic clamp-on filter for a lifetime of oil-free performance.

2003 through 2007 3.0L V6 Honda Accords, excluding SULEV emissions level vehicles, can benefit from the 21-510C and 21-510P cold air intake systems or the 24-6110C Dual Chamber performance air intake system. Both the cold air intake and Dual Chamber intake system position the Dryflow air filter behind the front bumper to help draw cooler air away from the hot air in the engine bay.

Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

22-511R Air Intake System

Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

21-510C Air Intake System

Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

22-511B Air Intake System

Polished Honda Accord Air Intake

21-683C Air Intake System

2008-2011 Honda Accord Models

2008 through 2011 3.5L V6 Honda Accord owners, excluding SULEV emissions level vehicles, can gain an estimated 10.7 horsepower at 5900 rpm with 21-683C or 21-683P cold air intake systems. These air intakes come with a two-piece pipe construction to move the Dryflow filter even further away from the radiant heat of the engine bay.

AEM pioneered the cold air intake system market in the mid-1990s and made their name in the sport compact scene, especially with Honda applications and these performance air intake systems are a testament to that fact. All of the kits are designed to provide simple bolt-on horsepower, do not require any engine tuning to produce the additional performance, come in a wide variety of color options to match the owner's vehicle, and are backed by AEM's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Put off buying that Honda Accord accessory you've been looking at and get an AEM air intake instead. It will add power and torque to your ride and make it more fun to drive right away. Take a look at AEM's full list of Honda Accord Air Intakes on To find all AEM products for any vehicle use the AEM application search.

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