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Ryan De Guzman Shows Off His Custom 1993 Mazda RX7 to AEM Induction Systems

Ryan De Guzman's Custom Mazda RX7
Ryan De Guzman's Custom Mazda RX7
With one of the most unique motors on the market, the rotary engine of the Mazda RX7 has been turning heads and catching attention for years. Spawning multiple generations of this high performance model, Mazda has a long standing tradition with racers, engine builders and enthusiast the world over just like Ryan De Guzman. Based in Gardena, California, De Guzman's RX7 offers a completely custom and powerful machine capable of burning up the track as easy as burning others up with pure envy. Seen at multiple shows all over the west coast De Guzman and his custom RX7 have been seen recently at:
Performance Modified Mazda RX7
Performance Modified Mazda RX7

-Hot Import Nights
-SPOCOM Auto Show
-Motion Auto Show

AEM was able to ask Ryan about his life styling and modifying cars as well as go over the specs of his completely custom 1993 RX7.

AEM: "What inspired you to have a passion for modifying cars and trucks?"

De Guzman: "I've always loved cars ever since I was a young kid. The passion grew when I could finally afford to buy one and fix it up."
Mazda RX7 Custom Audio System
Mazda RX7 Custom Audio System

AEM: "What drew you to this specific model? Why the RX7?"

De Guzman: "I think the long history of Mazda in racing and the Rotary engine drew me to this make and the timeless body lines of the 3rd gen Mazda RX7 are second to none."

Ryan, a proud member with Team R-RYDES, also shared one of his favorite quotes with AEM stating as Albert Einstein did, "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." AEM understands the true importance of value by designing and manufacturing lifetime high performance air filters and intake systems for most vehicles including the RX7.

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