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Schelley Racing - Formula D Round 5 Las Vegas, NV

Thursday the 10th marked the beginning of practice. While most people were sleeping, the drivers of Formula D were just beginning to start their engines. Round 4, dubbed "High Stakes" went exactly as stated. The high entry speeds surrounded by concrete k rails were a constant gamble. Henry Schelley and crew arrived earlier that day to set up the vehicle. The vehicle was now churning with more power and the footwork was improved upon. Henry Schelley with the help of AEM EMS, Brian Crower, and AEM methanol injection kit revamped the 2.4-liter dual cam motor, allowing the car to enter the course in 4th gear. The Federal Team knew that the increased speed would be a bad idea without improving on the suspension settings. Swift Springs were called into action to support the KW suspension and by the end of Thursday night practice the car needed only minor adjustments for the rest of the weekend.

Although Friday began late afternoon the air temperature was still in the triple digits. The car remained cool with the help of the Griffin radiator and AEM methanol injection kit. The team was surprised on how well the car cooled. While everyone else was externally spraying water on their intercoolers and radiators the AEM methanol injection kit automatically kept intake temperatures down on the Federal Tires' drift S13. Qualifying was held at the end of the day, just before the thunderstorm rolled in. Henry Schelley laid down consistent runs leading him to qualify for the main event on Saturday.

Saturday's practice for the main event began early. Henry was laying down strong runs. The car was consistently laying down a lot of smoke. He was able to get a score of 82 with an 84 mile per hour entry speed, which was a hair short of the 85-mile per hour speed that the judges were looking for. He ended the day in 22nd place out of 54 contestants, but most importantly, Henry has received enough qualifying points to keep his Formula D competition license for next season.

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