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Steven Burkett Brings His 2008 GMC Yukon to the 2011 SEMA Show

Steven Burkett's 2008 GMC Yukon at SEMA 2011
Steven Burkett's 2008 GMC Yukon at SEMA 2011
It takes a certain type of person to work a full time job, care for a family, and build custom vehicles while paying proper attention to each of these areas. Often there must be times where one of these areas demands more attention than the others. A well rounded and hardworking individual would have many early mornings getting the kids ready for school as well as lengthy nights putting the finishing touches on their show vehicle before the world renowned SEMA show.

One individual that has seemed to master the art of juggling numerous tasks, while getting ready for SEMA 2011, is Steven Burkett. His vision was translated into his daily driver, a 2008 GMC Yukon with a gray and red flamed paint scheme. There have been many hours spent hooking up the air ride suspension, wiring the obnoxiously powerful stereo system, and detailing the vehicle to convey that show appeal on a daily basis. Burkett prides himself on, "The complete ride, I don't consider it a show car if the whole car isn't complete and ready to show off at any time." One could only imagine how fun it is cleaning the suspension and engine compartment every week.
2008 GMC Yukon at the 2011 SEMA Show is a daily driver
2008 GMC Yukon at the 2011 SEMA Show is a daily driver
Burkett's show vehicles have been featured in popular music videos, as well as, movies like The Fast and Furious series. He has also won numerous awards and honors like:

-3 time winner of Best Street SUV at Various DUB magazine shows
-Best SUV at Lexani Lifestyle car show
-SEMA 2010 Booth Display vehicle for Velocity wheels
-SEMA 2011 Feature vehicle for AEM Inductions
-The Yukon was featured in the Dr. Dre Kush Video
-The Yukon will also be featured in Truckin' Magazine on newsstands Nov 15th 2011
-The Yukon has also been featured in J-lugg magazine in Japan

Burkett began building custom show vehicles back in 1986 and has most certainly enjoyed it since day one. His motivation for this vehicle came simply from the idea the he wanted a really cool family vehicle to drive around in.
The SEMA featured GMC Yukon sports a full air ride with 26
The SEMA featured GMC Yukon sports a full air ride with 26" wheels
It could also be the fact that he works in the automotive industry for Gibson Exhaust as a Tech/Warranty expert and marketing personnel.

This is Burkett's third year attending SEMA and let's just say he knows what it takes to build a show vehicle worthy of this prestigious event. His 2008 Yukon showed up to SEMA with:

-Full customer paint(body, frame, and suspension)
-Full air ride
-Competition Kicker sound system
-26" wheels
-Suede headliner with built in TV's
-Katzkin interior
-AEM Brute Force intake system
-Polished Gibson exhaust

The AEM Brute Force intake system offers better air flow and superior protection for the Yukon. To find all AEM products for your vehicle, use the AEM Product Search link on To find an AEM dealer use and the Where to Buy link on

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