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Team Renezeder Adds Four Podiums in Four Races to Pro-2 Championship Chase

Were you to see him tooling around the streets of Orange County you might mistakenly pigeonhole him as a typical Southern California jock, into XTERRA triathlons, swimming, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and of course surfing.
Drivers tried to dive inside of Renezeder, but ultimately he would not be denied leading 18 of 18 laps on the way to his 88th career win. (Photo by: Jeff Nemecek)
Drivers tried to dive inside of Renezeder, but ultimately he would not be denied leading 18 of 18 laps on the way to his 88th career win. (Photo by: Jeff Nemecek)

But, that's just how Carl Renezeder, the Laguna Beach resident, father of four, stays fit for his real obsession - winning National Championships. Renezeder has won seven so far and he recently notched his 88th career short course win during round three of the Pro-2 Championship chase in Surprise, Arizona. He also backed that up with two runner-up finishes and a third. While third and second place finishes in Pro-4 were great for the points race, the truck's four-wheel-drive issues in both races kept him out of the hunt for the win in the closing laps.

Renezeder started his weekend in Surprise off by gifting himself the pole position in Pro-2, qualifying on his birthday. He took that Friday present and made it even better on Saturday. By the time the field crossed the start/finish line to record lap one, Renezeder was the leader, and never looked back. Ex-motocross superstar Jeremy McGrath looked inside a couple of times, but ultimately it was Renezeder's day, leading 18 of 18 laps for the win.

Winning says Renezeder has always been, and will always be, about a total team effort. "My guys give me the best possible truck they can, and I drive it to the best finish I can every time. Our goal every race is to win and we know that luck plays a factor in that, but we also know that being prepared takes a lot of luck out of the equation. Four podiums in four races is an outstanding result, but we'll still look for ways to improve upon that in Vegas."

Asked about his 88th career victory and if there is a magic number, or record, mulling around his head that he could see himself reaching before all is said and done, Renezeder remarks.

"We know that each win could be our last, so we do our best to appreciate every moment. We're also a long way from being all said and done in this sport. I don't have a goal in mind for career victories or championships I'd like to achieve - my goal is to win each time I climb in the truck, and hopefully I'll be doing that for many years to come."

Renezeder says his relationship with AEM has been great from day one. "We love working with a company that not only makes the best product on the market, but is also enthusiastic about our program, and that's AEM. We currently use the AEM dry-flow air filters on all our trucks, and we're installing AEM gauges in our brand new Pro-4, which is set to debut in Las Vegas in May."

"There's never been a more exciting time for our sport than right now," says Renezeder. "The Lucas Oil Off-Road Series is the best our industry has ever seen, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be part of it."

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