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  • Lowers restriction and increases airflow for more horsepower and torque
  • Certain charge pipe models can be customized with:
    • after-market bypass or blow-off valves
    • nitrous oxide or water-methanol injection
  • Highly durable, powder coated aluminum intercooler piping
  • Easy to install using commonly available tools
  • Compatible with AEM cold air intake systems
  • AEM Lifetime Limited Warranty

AEM Induction Systems has a solid reputation for creating short ram and cold air intake systems that boost horsepower and acceleration. Building on that experience AEM has developed a new line of advanced charge pipe kits for specific turbo charged vehicles.

AEM Charge Pipe Installed in Suburu WRX

AEM Charge Pipe Kits: Boost Horsepower and Acceleration

AEM charge pipes consist of free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tubes that replace your vehicle’s restrictive factory intercooler piping. AEM charge pipes have been engineered to reduce turbo charged air pressure loss as well as dramatically increase air flow from the turbo to the intercooler. The specialized aerodynamic tubes are designed to produce a noticeable horsepower gain from your engine while acceleration and drivability are improved from the increased airflow assisting your turbo charger in spooling up quicker.

Customizable Intercooler Piping

Depending on the model, some AEM charge pipes feature a precision-machined fitting that can accommodate the factory or other after-market diverters or blow-off valves. This allows you to choose the type of valve that will give you the specific boost performance, blow-off acoustics and under-the-hood style to fit your needs.

Some AEM charge pipes have provisions for 1/8 inch NPT ports for you to optionally add either a water-methanol injection or a nitrous oxide injection system along with a temperature/boost sensor probe for these after-market modifications.

AEM Air Intake Compatibility and Under-the-Hood Style

For additional horsepower gains and improved engine compartment aesthetics, an AEM cold air intake system can be installed into your vehicle along with the AEM charge pipe. Both systems complement each other in function and looks with the classic AEM gunmetal gray, powder-coated aluminum tubing.

AEM Product Made for Vehicle    
Intercooler Piping Kit
2015 Subaru WRX 2.0L FA20DIT AEM Charge Pipe Installed in Suburu WRX Buy Now
Intercooler Piping Kit
2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost AEM Intercooler Piping Charge Pipe Kit for 2015 Ford Mustand 2.3L EcoBoost Buy Now