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AEM Air Intake Components

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AEM Do It Yourself Parts - Aluminum Tubes, Couplers & Adapters, Hose Clamps, Brackets and MAF Adaptors

AEM Induction Systems is proud to introduce their quality line of custom air induction parts. These quality parts and components are used for the fabrication of intake ducting for turbocharger systems, including the inlet side of the compressor housing.
Bent Aluminum Tubes
  • Available in a variety of diameters, bend angles, and 36" straight lengths.
  • All of the tubes are made of 6063 aluminum alloy.
  • All aluminum tubes are mandrel bent for a consistent cross section in the bend.
  • The bends have 6" of straight aluminum on each side.
  • The tubes come raw in an unfinished form with the ends cut and de-burred.
bent tube
Straight Aluminum Tubes
  • Available in a range of diameters from 2.25” – 4”.
  • Welded for custom air intake applications.
  • 36” long aluminum tubing
straight tube
Hose Clamps
  • These are the same high quality hose clamps used in AEM Intake Systems.
  • The hose clamps are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • The clamps are double wound so the hose under the clamp is protected from extruding through the clamp slots.
  • The inner edge of the clamp is de-burred to eliminate the chance of cutting the hose around the contact circumference.
hose clamp
Couplers & Adapters
  • These are the same high quality couplers we use in our AEM Intake Systems.
  • The material is specified in the description of the part.
  • Silicone couplers are available for boost pipes and high heat applications.


  • 12" lengths with 5/16" U slot at the end.
  • Manufactured from 5052 allow for easy formability.