Equipped with AEM® Dryflow Filter
No Oil Required!




(Gun Metal Grey Finish)

2016HyundaiGenesis Sedan3.8L V6
2015HyundaiGenesis Sedan3.8L V6

Parts List:

Item No.Part NumberDescriptionQty.
1102472EDGE TRIM; 3/4"BULB, TOP LOC, 66"L1
394641/2" BNDHOSE CLAMP,3.56"-4.50"2
421-2059DKAIR FILTER; 4" X 9" DRYFLOW1
5444.460.04NUT; M6 HEX SERRATED1
608160WASHER; 1"D X 1/4 HOLE FENDER1
707027STUD; M6-1.00 M/M, RUBBER MNTD1
82-1577CINTAKE TUBE; 4"OD X 27", 21-796, GUNMETAL GRAY1
95-324HOSE, ADAPTER 3.25/4.00 X 3" BL1
1094521/2" BNDHOSE CLAMP,2.90"-3.75"1
115-1010HOSE; 3/8"ID X 10"L1
1208523VENT; 1/4NPT, 90DEG., 3/8" HOSE BARB, BLACK1
1308525VENT; 1/4NPT, 90DEG.,5/8" HOSE BARB1
14070228STUD; RUBBER MNT, M/F, 1/2"L X 1"W, M6 X 1.001

  • Screwdriver
  • 10mm Socket
  • Socket Driver
  • Side Cutters
  • 4mm Hex Key
  • Optional: Small Torque Wrench

Read and understand these instructions BEFORE attempting to install this product. Failure to follow installation instructions and not using the provided hardware may damage the intake tube, throttle body and engine.

1. Preparing Vehicle:

a. Make sure vehicle is parked on level surface.

b. Set the parking brake.

c. If engine has run in the past two hours, let it cool down.

d. Disconnect negative battery terminal.

e. Do not discard stock components after removal of the factory system.

f. Open the air intake kit package and make sure all parts are included.

2. Removal of stock system:
  1. Remove the 13 plastic tabs that secure the engine bay cover by pushing down in the middle of the tabs, and then removing them.

Note: Not all clips are shown in picture. Remove the cover.

  1. Remove the engine cover by pulling it up and out of the vehicle.
  1. Remove the two bolts securing the brace to the vehicle. These will be reinstalled in step 3m.
  1. Remove the nut that secures the intake resonator to the engine. This nut will not be reused.
  1. Release the tension on the spring clamp, and remove the hose from the 2-way check valve.
  1. Release the tension on the spring clamp, and remove the hose from the stock intake tube.
  1. Loosen the hose clamp at the throttle body.
  1. Remove the two bolts securing the air box to the vehicle.

Note: One of these bolts will be reused in step 3f.

  1. Remove the pressure sensor connector from the sensor, then unclip the harness from the air box.
  1. Remove the stock intake assembly by lifting it up and out of the vehicle.
  1. Remove the bolt circled on the passenger side valve cover.

Note: This will be reused in step 3j.

  1. Remove the two outside spring clamps off the stock intake vent line.

Note: This will be reused in step 3k.

  1. Remove the bolt securing the pressure sensor to the stock upper air box.

Note: This will be reused in step 3a.

3. Installation of AEM® intake system:
  1. Install the pressure sensor with the bolt removed in step 2m into the AEM intake tube.
  1. Install the provided 90° elbows into the AEM intake tube as shown.

Note: The larger one will go on the filter side of the AEM intake tube.

  1. Install the provided edge trim around the AEM heat shield as shown.

Note: Cutting the trim to fit will be necessary.

  1. Install the provide rubber mount into the vehicle chassis as shown.
  1. Install the AEM heat shield into the vehicle aligning the tab with the previously installed rubber mount. Then secure it with the provided washer and nut.
  1. Using a bolt from step 2h, secure the heat shield to the vehicle.
  1. Install the provided coupler onto the throttle body, tightening the hose clamp closest to the throttle body to 30 in-lbs.
  1. Install the provided rubber mount onto the passenger valve cover where the orginal bolt was removed in step 2k.
  1. Install the AEM intake tube into the coupler while aligning the bracket with the rubber mount. Then tighten the hose clamp at the AEM intake tube.
  1. Install the bolt removed in step 2k. to secure the AEM intake tube to the rubber mount.
  1. Slide the spring clamps that were removed in step 2l. onto the provided hose. Then, attach the hose to the AEM intake tube and 2-way check valve.

Note: Trimming the hose may be necessary.

  1. Install the vent line onto the AEM intake tube and secure with the spring clamp removed from step 2l.
  1. Clip the pressure sensor connector into the pressure sensor. Then, clip the harness to the AEM heat shield.
  1. Install the AEM filter into the vehicle and onto the AEM intake tube. Tighten the provided hose clamp to 30 in-lbs.
  1. Reinstall the engine cover that was removed in step 2b. by aligning the 4 mounts to its grommets.
  1. Reinstall the brace and bolts onto the vehicle and tighten to 3.6 ft-lbs.
  1. Reinstall the engine bay cover into the vehicle and secure with the clips removed in step 2a.

Note: You will only use 12 of the clips (not all pictured)


Stock air intake installed.

AEM intake installed.

4. Reassemble Vehicle:

a. Position the inlet pipes for the best fitment. Be sure that the pipes or any other components do not contact any part of the vehicle.

b. Check for proper hood clearance. Re-adjust pipes if necessary and re-tighten them.

c. Inspect the engine bay for any loose tools and check that all fasteners that were moved or removed are properly tightened.

d. Reconnect negative battery terminal and start engine. Let the vehicle idle for 3 minutes. Perform a final inspection before driving the vehicle.

5. Service and Maintenance:

a. AEM Induction Systems requires cleaning the intake system’s air filter element every 100,000 miles. When used in dusty or off-road environments, our filters will require cleaning more often. We recommend that you visually inspect your filter once every 25,000 miles to determine if the screen is still visible. When the screen is no longer visible some place on the filter element, it is time to clean it. To clean, purchase our Synthetic air filter cleaner, part number 1-1000 and follow the easy instructions.

b. Use window cleaner to clean your powder coated AEM® intake tube.

NOTE: DO NOT USE aluminum polish on powder coated AEM® intake tubes.

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AEM Air Intake System Warranty Policy

AEM® warrants that its intake systems will last for the life of your vehicle. AEM® will not honor this warranty due to mechanical damage (i.e. improper installation or fitment), damage from misuse, accidents or flying debris. AEM® will not warrant its powder coating if the finish has been cleaned with a hydrocarbon-based solvent. The powder coating should only be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Proof of purchase of both the vehicle and AEM® intake system is required for redemption of a warranty claim.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the AEM® part. In no event shall this warranty exceed the original purchase price of the AEM® part nor shall AEM® be responsible for special, incidental or consequential damages or cost incurred due to the failure of this product. Warranty claims to AEM® must be transportation prepaid and accompanied with dated proof of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of product and is nontransferable. Improper use or installation, use for racing, accident, abuse, unauthorized repairs or alterations voids this warranty. AEM® disclaims any liability for consequential damages due to breach of any written or implied warranty on all products manufactured by AEM®. Warranty returns will only be accepted by AEM® when accompanied by a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Credit for defective products will be issued pending inspection. Product must be received by AEM® within 30 days of the date RMA is issued.

If you have a warranty issue, please call (800) 992-3000 and our customer service department will assist you. A proof of purchase is required for all AEM® warranty claims.