NASA & AEM Team Up To Give $12k In Contingency

RICHMOND, CA - April 22, 2008.

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that AEM will offer a generous $12,000 in gift certificate rewards to the top finishers at the 3rd annual NASA Championship event at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course on September 11-14th, 2008.

"We really can't wait for the NASA Championships this year," said Greg Neuwirth, AEM President. "We will be participating in the Honda Challenge series at the Championship event this year and we wanted to come up with a program that would benefit the largest number of potential customers at the event. I think this program fits the bill and we hope to give away a large amount of gift certificate money in conjunction with this program. We'll see everyone at the championship event!"

The contingency program will award drivers with a gift certificate reward of $100 for first, $100 for fifth, and $100 for tenth. The award program will apply to all classes at the Championship event. Competitors must display the required AEM decals (available from AEM) on each side of their vehicle during competition and they must utilize one of the following items:

+ AEM Intake System
+ AEM Digital Gauges (Must have at least any 2)
+ AEM Fuel / Ignition Controller (F/IC)
+ AEM Water/Methanol Injection System

Competitors are only eligible to collect 1 award for the Championship weekend. Each competitor will be required to complete and submit a contingency claim form to receive their award.