Select 2008-2012 Chevy, GMC, and Hummer Trucks Benefit from AEM Air Filter

AEM 28-20408 OE replacement air filter
AEM 28-20408 OE replacement air filter
It's common knowledge that Chevrolet and GMC trucks park in the same corporate garage, but what you might not have known is that General Motors was founded as a holding company for Buick in 1908. The following year GM bought the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which eventually became the GMC Truck brand name. In 2007 GMC was GM's second-largest-selling North American vehicle division right behind Chevrolet.
Box for the AEM 28-20408 OE replacement air filter
Box for the AEM 28-20408 OE replacement air filter

Although GMC and Chevrolet trucks' differences have varied over the years, when all is said and done they are virtually identical except for the grilles and badges. However, while the Chevrolet Colorado for example is sold exclusively at Chevrolet dealerships, GMC's version of the light-duty truck, the Canyon, is available to Buick, Pontiac and Cadillac dealerships, in addition to being sold in separate franchises along with medium-duty models.

Both versions, the Colorado and Canyon, were introduced as 2004 models and replaced GM's Chevy S-10 and its twin the GMC Sonoma. The Colorado, Canyon and Hummer H3, which is built around the same platform only with Tonka Truck inspired styling and incredible off-road ability, all share one further commonality. By replacing the existing air filter in all three of these GM models with a reusable AEM 28-20408 Dryflow® air filter, you'll receive a welcome performance boost. This AEM performance air filter is installed exactly the same as the factory filter, without any modifications needed. AEM's exclusive air filter design is engineered to increase horsepower and torque, by providing greater airflow and less restriction, while offering essential protection for your engine.

The AEM 28-20408 Dryflow air filter is mae from a special synthetic material that is reusable and doesn't need oil, eliminating the chance of over-oiling after cleaning. With a cleaning interval of up to 50,000 miles depending on driving conditions you needn't even think about cleaning your air filter for quite a while. Then when it does get dirty you simply wash it using synthetic air filter cleaner, which helps to loosen and remove dirt and grime. Rinse the filter clean with water, let it dry and reinstall it.. Your AEM 28-20408 Dryflow air filter will outlast your vehicle, plus it's backed by AEM's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Vehicle Applications for 28-20408:

2012 GMC Canyon 5.3L
2012 GMC Canyon 3.7L
2012 GMC Canyon 2.9L
2012 Chevrolet Colorado 5.3L
2012 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L
2012 Chevrolet Colorado 2.9L
2011 GMC Canyon 5.3L
2011 GMC Canyon 3.7L
2011 GMC Canyon 2.9L
2011 Chevrolet Colorado 5.3L
2011 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L
2011 Chevrolet Colorado 2.9L
2010 Hummer H3T 5.3L
2010 Hummer H3T 3.7L
2010 Hummer H3 5.3L
2010 Hummer H3 3.7L
2010 GMC Canyon 5.3L
2010 GMC Canyon 3.7L
2010 GMC Canyon 2.9L
2010 Chevrolet Colorado 5.3L
2010 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L
2010 Chevrolet Colorado 2.9L
2009 Hummer H3T 5.3L
2009 Hummer H3T 3.7L
2009 Hummer H3 5.3L
2009 Hummer H3 3.7L
2009 GMC Canyon 5.3L
2009 GMC Canyon 3.7L
2009 GMC Canyon 2.9L
2009 Chevrolet Colorado 5.3L
2009 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L
2009 Chevrolet Colorado 2.9L
2008 Hummer H3 5.3L
2008 Hummer H3 3.7L
2008 Hummer H3 3.5L
2008 GMC Canyon 3.7L
2008 GMC Canyon 2.9L
2008 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L
2008 Chevrolet Colorado 2.9L

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