AEM 5"-Flange Universal Clamp-On Dryflow Air Filter is Designed to Increase Power

AEM Universal Dryflow Air Filter

The AEM 21-2075DK universal Dryflow air filter incorporates some of the best elements of cotton air filters into a new generation of Dryflow filters

AEM’s co-founder John Concialdi, or simply “J.C.” to those who know him, would often say, “If you can’t make something better, why make it at all?” The heart of innovation embodied in that saying has been a pillar of AEM’s product development since day one. AEM pioneered the cold air intake system market in the 1990s and in 1999, partnered with a leading air filter manufacturer to develop conical air filters with built in air horns for greatly enhanced airflow into the engine. These conical air filters were a huge success and, in keeping with J.C.’s saying, AEM made them better with the next generation of Dryflow filter technology.

The core of the 21-2075DK universal air filter’s design is the innovative Dryflow filter media. Working again with a leading air filter manufacturer, AEM incorporated some of the best design elements of cotton air filters into this next gen Dryflow media. A lofted, non-woven synthetic media is supported inside and out by a structural wire mesh. The wire screen mesh provides excellent strength and helps to increase the airflow capabilities of the filter.

AEM 21-2075DK universal Dryflow air filter

The AEM 21-2075DK universal Dryflow air filter has a 5” inside diameter flange and the flange is 1” in length; while the base measures 7.438” O.D

The lofted synthetic media utilizes three-dimensional depth loading to create a large surface area to capture dirt, as well as to ensure excellent air filtration efficiency. With such large filter dimensions and a built in air horn to streamline airflow into the engine, the 21-2075DK is a true performance product capable of increasing horsepower and torque.

Another benefit of the 21-2075DK design is it’s washable and reusable. Perhaps best of all, the filter requires no oil so maintenance is a breeze. Cleaning intervals depend on driving conditions, but cleaning is accomplished by simply removing the filter from the vehicle and using AEM’s 1-1000 Dryflow Air Filter Cleaner. Once the filter is removed, saturate the dirty side of the filter with the cleaning solution, rinse the filter with water from the inside out, let the filter air dry and then reinstall.

AEM Dryflow air filter cleaner

AEM Dryflow air filters do not require oil and cleaning is simple with the use of AEM 1-1000 Dryflow air filter cleaner

If your engine has the lung capacity of an Olympic athlete and you have a large mounting diameter for a filter, look no further than the AEM 21-2075DK Dryflow universal clamp-on air filter. The 21-2075DK has the following dimensions:

  • 5” flange inside diameter
  • 1” flange length (centered)
  • 7.438” base outside diameter
  • 8” height (without the flange)
  • 4.438” top outside diameter

AEM backs the 21-2075DK universal air filter with a Lifetime Limited Warranty which communicates the durability and reliability of the filter. If your vehicle requires a large amount of air or a high dirt capacity, as J.C. would say, why not make it better with the easy-to-install AEM 21-2075DK Dryflow air filter? Order AEM Dryflow Round and Oval Universal Air Filters by Dimension today at or find an AEM dealer in your area using the AEM Dealer Search. Find other AEM products for your vehicle using the AEM Product Finder.