Come See AEM-Driver Chris Forsberg's 280Z at SEMA

CarbonSignal kit fitting

The 1975 240Z gets a new look without ruining the classic Z image

The Datsun S30 280Z brings up memories of classic road racing, BRE liveries, and amazing looks that few cars achieve to replicate today. However, when it comes to Chris Forsberg, images of smoking tires and opposite lock always come to mind. So, when the two come together you know magic is going to happen. Now, you can see the newest iteration of his RB25-powered 280Z at the AEM booth during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Chris Forsberg 280Z body kit fitting

Forsberg's 280Z under the knife

While this car was already built to be a definitive drifting rendition of the 280Z, it’s gone back under the knife and will look different from how we saw it last. The outside will be improved without going away from what made the 280Z an icon thanks to the CarbonSignal G-Nose Body Kit. It also necessitates the wheels be wider than they originally were. Now, the Z sports a set of SSR Professor MS1 wheels in 16x9 and 17x10 supported by a set of Hankook tires in 225/50R16 and 255/40R17. Completing the look is the BRE style rear wing that brings back images of Peter Brock and John Morton. There will also be a new color for the Z that Sam’s Auto Land will be in charge of. Lighting up the night far better than the weak halogen lights it originally came with, the headlights will receive Dapper Lighting’s projector headlights and LED taillights.

RB25DET engine

The RB25DET will not change much, but an AEM filter and aluminum charge piping will be installed

Internally, the RB25DET will remain unchanged, but it will get an improved exhaust manifold in the form of a DOC Race V-Band. It’s coupled together to a TiAL XONA Rotor 3071 turbo with an OCD Works “T51R Turbo” mod to give it that true jet intake sound. The Deatschwerks 650cc injectors and 340lph fuel pump will ensure it’s fed as the AEM four-inch filter and aluminum charge piping keep the air clean and going in the right direction – from the turbo to the Mishimoto M-Line intercooler to the custom CarbonCreations carbon/billet intake manifold. Keeping the block cool is a Mishimoto radiator and dual pass oil cooler.

Techno Toy Tuning Kit

Techno Toy Tuning and Wilwood will improve handling and braking

Of course, when you make a Z more powerful, you need to improve the drivetrain to handle the new power output. The FS5W71C transmission is more than enough to take on the new power, but the clutch was changed over to an ACT six-puck clutch kit. In the back, the differential was changed out to Nissan’s stronger R200 from the “long nose” R180 it originally had (the pinion is much longer than even the R200’s by several inches). This required the use of Techno Toy Tuning’s (T3) complete R200 rear conversion, which includes the mounts for the R200, a coilover conversion, which also allows camber adjustment on the Koni shocks, new weld-on camber plates, and rebuilt axles to fit the differential. T3 is also used to replace the front control arms and caster rods to adjustable pieces, convert the front to an adjustable coilover setup, big brake kit with Wilwood four-piston calipers and rotors, and adjustable rear control arms.

CarbonSignal Custom Interior

CarbonSignal, Speedhut, T3, and Clarion make an awesome interior combo.

If you go and make the outside look good, the inside needs to match as well. That’s where CarbonSignal comes in once again. They provided a custom dashboard fitted with Speedhut’s custom gauge kit. Matching the dash, the center console door panels, and bucket seats all come from CarbonSignal but fit the iconic looks of the Z perfectly. To keep Chris and passengers in those seats, a Takata four-point harness is employed on each side with a T3 harness bar locating the shoulder belts properly. The steering was already improved thanks to T3, but a custom electric power steering column will also be installed. Entertainment is provided by a Clarion NX604 navigation head unit and a set of 6.5-inch speakers; but who’s going to be bored in an overly powerful and sideways Z?

1975 Datsun 280Z build

It's still in progress, but you can see the finished result at the AEM Booth at the 2016 SEMA Show

It’s still in progress as of this writing but you can see Chris Forsberg’s fully improved 280Z at the AEM SEMA Booth, number 22755, in the racing and performance section of Central Hall. While you’re there be sure to check out the new products we’ll be debuting at the show, just be sure to wipe the drool off before coming over. We’ll see you and the Z at the SEMA Show on November 1st to the 4th, 2016.