Filter Cross Reference for AEM Part 28-20187

Use this cross reference as a reference guide only! Use our Search by Vehicle tool to determine the AEM filter that correctly fits your vehicle.

Part Numbers
AC Delco A2039C
Carquest 87385
Carquest 87793
Carquest BA5323
Carquest BA7793
Carquest DW87385
Carquest DW87739
Carquest R87385
Carquest R87793
Champ Labs. AF1696
Ford YL8Z9601AA
Fram CA8997
Luber-Finer AF1696
Mann-Hummel C26100
Mazda YF0913240
Mazda YF0913Z40
Mazda YL8U9601AA
MicroGard MGA42793
Mobil MA5323
Motorcraft FA1696
Motorcraft FA1772
Napa 2385
Premium Guard PA5323
Purepro A5323
Purolator A35323
Repco RAF87
Ryco A1316
Service Champ AF5323
Simota OFO005
Simota OMA001
STP SA9055
Valvoline VA149
Warner WAF1696
Wesfil WA1104
Wesfil WA986
WIX 42385
WIX 42793

CROSS REFERENCE WARNING - When a specific filter is not shown in our application search results for a specific vehicle application, it should be assumed that there is not an AEM filter for that vehicle. Any use of this cross reference guide to find a replacement filter is done at the installer's risk.