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Part:   29-0009

AEM 29-0009 Strut Bar

Strut Bar
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  • 1-1/2 inch steel tubing, providing great strength and low weight
  • Braces strut towers and brake master cylinder
  • Can reduce noise vibration and harshness in extreme conditions
  • Durable charcoal gray powder coated finish

The AEM 29-0009 fits some Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ models. See vehicle applications for details.
The AEM- 29-0009 performance strut tower bar provides additional vehicle stability on some Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ models. AEM strut tower bars are constructed as a single welded assembly from 1-1/2 inch steel tubing, providing great strength and low weight which gives you a true racing option and a more professional alternative to many hinged or weaker strut bars on the market. The AEM- 29-0009 is designed with a brake master cylinder brace which increases brake pedal firmness providing more predictable braking performance. It comes in an attractive charcoal gray powder coat finish with the AEM logo giving you a clean high-performance look under the hood. This strut tower bar is easy to install using the existing factory mounting points requiring commonly available tools to do the job.

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Specifications AEM 29-0009 Product Specifications
Material UsedSteel
Package Contents1 Strut Bar
Warranty90 Days
Product StyleAEM Strut Bar
Weight18.3 lb (8.3 kg)
Product Box Height21 in (533 mm)
Product Box Length49 in (1245 mm)
Product Box Width9.75 in (248 mm)
WARNING: Cancer and reproductive
Reviews Product Reviews

Jerry from California
November 9, 2013 - Part 29-0009
Great product. Feels very solid and strong. Good quality. You get three piece and it's all welded together.
Bryan Wu from Cerritos, California
November 4, 2013 - Part 29-0009
This strut bar is rather unique compared to the current market offering. While other companies offer 1 piece tower to tower or 2 piece tower to chassis connection, AEM’s Strut bar offers an integrated welded triangular design that connects both towers to the chassis. This integrated design offers maximum rigidity by interconnecting all 4 chassis mounting points together in efforts to ensure the relative displacement from each attachment points is at a minimum.

Unlike the traditional offering, the AEM tower attachment employs a 4 bolts attachment pattern rather than 2. 2 bolts fasten to the inner strut bolts, while the other 2 are connected to factory strut bar bolts. This strut tower attachment arrangement offers superior load distribution over other offering by effectively disbursing the bending and torsional load experienced by each bolt under harsh cornering.

What’s more impressive on this strut bar is that it also has an integrated master cylinder stop. The wielded construction of this MC stop design effectively eliminates the undesirable strut tower side wall bending that comes with other designs.

Surprisingly, for a well overengineered all steel unit like this, it only weights 18 lbs. In all honesty, it felt lighter during installation.

The installation was pretty straight forward. It shouldn’t take more than 10 min to install. For a large unit with complex geometry like this, I was thoroughly surprised at the accuracy of its bolt pattern and the overall fit of this unit. The strut bar drops right into position without the need for further adjustments.

With all this being said, the most unbelievable feat achieved by AEM is that they are offering this all inclusive package for only $189. In comparison to GrimmSpeeds @ 159 (no MC brace, 1 pc), raceseng @ 299 (IMO it offers no additional benefit over OEM except pretty colors for 300 bills), or FT86 speed factory @ 299 (2 pc design, no MC brace, only use two bolts instead of 4). This unit can offer tremendous value from a brand you can trust while still leaving you with additional money in your pocket for other upgrades.

To me, getting this is strut bar is really a no brainer.