AEM Needs Vehicles in Riverside, California

AEM's R&D department may need your car or truck for prototyping air intake systems!

If you own one of the listed vehicles, live near Riverside, California, and are willing to leave your vehicle with us for 1-2 weeks, please select the vehicle from the list below then complete the remaining fields in the corresponding form. Please list all modifications that you have made to your vehicle. Anyone allowing AEM's R&D department to use their car or truck for intake system development will be compensated with a FREE air intake system once it goes into production.

If your vehicle is not on the list and you are willing to loan it to us if the need arises, please
click here.

 YearMakeModelEngineDate PostedComments
Select2013-2015Acura/HondaILX/Civic SiL4-2.4L23 Jun 2016SPD
Select2015-2016Artic-CatWildcat952CC23 Jun 2016KND
Select2014-2015AudiA3L4-2.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2015AudiTTL4-2.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2014-2015BMW328DI4-2.0L DSL23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2014-2015BMWM235iI6-3.0LT23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2014BMWM3/M4I6-3.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2013-2015CadillacATSV6-3.6L30 Jun 2016KND
Select2015-2016Can-AmMaverick XDS 976CC Turbo23 Jun 2016KND
Select2016ChevroletMalibuL4-1.5L 23 Jun 2016KND
Select2016ChevroletMalibuL4-2.0L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2016ChevroletSilveradoV8-6.2L14 Oct 2016SPD
Select2016ChevroletSSV8-6.2L23 Jun 2016SPD
Select2017Fiat124 SpiderL4 1.4L T14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2015-2016FordExpeditionV6-3.5L EcoBoost14 Oct 2016SPD
Select2014-2016FordExplorerL4-2.014 Oct 2016SPD
Select2016FordExplorerL4-2.3L EcoBoost23 Jun 2016KND
Select2015-2016FordF150V6-3.5L14 Oct 2016SPD
Select2011-2015FordF250/F350 V8-6.2L14 Oct 2016SPD
Select2016FordF250/F350 Super DutyV8-6.2L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2015FordMustangL4-2.3L EcoBoost08 Aug 2016KET
Select2012-2016FordTaurusL4-2.0L EcoBoost27 Jun 2016KND
Select2016GMC/ChevroletSilverado/SierraV6-4.3L23 Jun 2016SPD
Select2017Honda Civic Si1.5L Turbo21 Nov 2016ADV
Select2017HondaCivic Type RL4 2.0L T14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2017 Honda CR-V1.5L Turbo21 Nov 2016ADV
Select2017HyundaiElantraL4-1.8L31 Oct 2016ADV
Select2015HyundaiGenisisV8-5.0L23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2013-2015InfinitiFX373.7L V613 Jan 2017ADV
Select2001-2012InfinitiG252.5L V614 Nov 2016ADV
Select2010-2014InfinitiM373.7L V613 Jan 2017ADV
Select2009-2013InfinitiQ373.7L V613 Jan 2017ADV
Select2016InfinitiQ50L4-2.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2015InfinitiQX30L4-2.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2011-2013InfinitiQX56V8-5.6L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2014-2015KiaForte KoupL4-1.6L T30 Jun 2016KND
Select2017KiaSoulL4 1.6L T14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2017KiaSportageL4 2.0L T14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2014-2015LexusCT200hL4-1.8L23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2016LexusGS200t2.0L Turbo31 Oct 2016ADV
Select2014-2015LexusRC-FV8 5.0L14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2015MazdaCX-3L4-2.0L23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2015MazdaCX-5L4-2.0L/2.5L23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2016MazdaCX-9L4 2.5L T14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2016MazdaMX-5L4-2.0L23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2015MercedesGLA 250L4-2.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2016Mini Cooper S2.0 Turbo27 Mar 2017ADV
Select2015MitsubishiLancerL4-2.0L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2015MitsubishiLancerL4-2.4L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2015MitsubishiMirageL3-1.2L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2017NissanSentra SR Turbo/ NISMO1.6L 27 Mar 2017ADV
Select2016NissanVersa1.6L27 Mar 2017ADV
Select2015-2016Ram1500V6-3.6L23 Jun 2016SPD
Select2014-2016Ram2500/3500V8-6.4L23 Jun 2016AID
Select2013-2014ScionXDL4-1.8L23 Jun 2016KND
Select2017Subaru Impreza 2.0i2.0L27 Mar 2017ADV
Select2008-2014SubaruImpreza WRXL4-2.5L23 Jun 2016SPD
Select2010-2015Toyota4RunnerV8-4.023 Jun 2016KND
Select2017ToyotaCamryL4 2.0L T14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2016Toyota CamryL4-2.0L23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2016ToyotaYarisL4 1.5L14 Nov 2016ADV
Select2013-14VOLKSWAGENGTI2.0 TURBO29 Nov 2016ADV
Select2016YamahaYXZ1000R998CC23 Jun 2016KND