AEM Product Search Definitions

A number or character in parenthesis, (A) for example - In some vehicles there are two or more engines that have the same cubic displacement but do not use the same filters or kits. The result comments provide help in identifying the proper filter or kit for these vehicles. Sometimes the result comments will have a single character which relates to a character of a vehicle's VIN (vehicle identification number). Your vehicle's VIN number should be visible on the dash of your car. Use the following guidance to match the result comment VIN character:
  • Vehicles manufactured by Chrysler, Ford, and GM from 1972-80 use the fifth VIN character and from 1981-2003 use the eighth.
  • Vehicles manufactured by AMC/Eagle (except Jeep) from 1972-80 use the seventh VIN character, from 1981-1988 use the fourth character, and from 1989-98 use the eighth.
  • Vehicles manufactured by Jeep from 1972-74 (up to SN #100000) use the eighth VIN character, from 1974-80 (from SN #100001) use the seventh character, and from 1989-03 use the eighth.
2WD - Part fits two wheel drive vehicles.

4WD - Part fits four wheel drive vehicles.

All - The part fits all vehicles for the entered year, make, model, and engine size.

Body Code - A vehicle's body code is usually contained in the VIN's (vehicle identification number) 4th character.

DOHC - Denotes a dual overhead cam engine.

exc. - Except

F/I - Fuel Injection

OHC - Denotes an overhead cam engine.

OHV - Denotes overhead valve.

PZEV - Denotes a partially zero-emissions vehicle.

Qty.2 - Two filters are needed for this application

SOHC - Denotes a single overhead cam engine.