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2015 Ford F-150 2.7 and 3.5 Turbo Gain Horsepower and Torque with AEM Cold Air Intake

2015 Ford F150 3.5 liter turbo Air Intake

The 21-8128DC produced an estimated additional 17 horsepower at 5200rpm on a 2015 Ford F150 3.5 liter turbo.

The Ford F-150 is now in its 13th generation, and for this iteration of the best-selling truck in America, 13 is definitely a lucky number. Ford made some subtle exterior styling changes to the 2015 F-150, and instead focused most of the innovation below the surface. Steel body panels were swapped for strong, military-grade aluminum, dropping the vehicle weight by about 700 pounds. The frame was reinforced as well to provide increased strength, and all the most innovative technological bells and whistles made available for those who want them.

AEM 2015 Ford F150 3.5 liter turbo

A durable gunmetal grey coating is applied to the intake tubing and provides sharp styling under the hood.

Innovation extends under the hood as well with powerful and efficient twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 engines with 2.7 and 3.5 liter options. These turbocharged engines are great platforms for performance upgrades such as the 21-8128DC Brute Force cold air intake system.

2015 Ford F150 3.5 liter turbo Cold Air Intake

An AEM 21-2138DK Dryflow dual-flange air filter attaches to both inlet tubes.

The 21-8128DC will deliver a guaranteed increase in horsepower on the 2015 Ford F-150 2.7 liter turbo and 3.5 liter turbo models. A large 3” inlet tube is the backbone of the 21-8128DC and helps to streamline airflow into the turbochargers. The assembly has two tubes, one for each turbocharger, and one oversized, dual-flange AEM 21-2138DK Dryflow air filter. The filter provides excellent air filtration efficiency. Best of all, it’s washable and reusable, requiring no oil, and can go for up to 100,000 miles between cleanings, depending on driving conditions. A heat shield protects the incoming air from radiant heat under the hood as well. Less heat in the incoming air means a denser charge of air, which means more power.

2015 Ford F150 3.5 liter turbo Intake

The heat shield included in the 21-8128DC intake system shrouds incoming air from radiant heat under the hood.

Power and performance gains from the 21-8128DC are evident on the dyno. A 2015 Ford F-150 3.5 liter turbo equipped with the 21-8128DC air intake system produced an estimated additional 17 horsepower and 18 pound-feet of torque at 5200rpm over a vehicle equipped with the factory intake system. Those power gains are measured at the wheels, which is a testament to how well these turbocharged engines respond to performance intake systems.

2015 Ford F150 3.5 liter turbo

The new 2015 Ford F-150 has powerful twin-turbo Ecoboost engines that get even more airflow with AEM

The 21-8128DC is an easy-to-install performance upgrade, comes with all parts necessary for installation, and makes accommodations for all required factory connections. It’s also backed by AEM’s Lifetime Limited Warranty which speaks to the long-term durability of this intake system. It isn’t just luck that has made the Ford F-150 the best-selling truck in America for its 13 generations- it’s a legacy of tried and true performance. Give your 2015 Ford F-150 2.7 liter turbo or 3.5 liter turbo a guaranteed increase in performance with the 21-8128DC Brute Force air intake system. Order yours today at or find a dealer in your area using the AEM Dealer Search.

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