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Add Performance to 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic models with an AEM Reusable Air Filter

AEM Air Filter for 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L
AEM Air Filter for 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in the world. With everything from fuel-efficient hybrids to the performance-oriented models, the Honda Civic offers something for everyone. The 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic models listed below all share the same staple ingredients of safety, reliability and affordability, but there’s one secret ingredient that’s missing from the recipe that can take your Civic from a four to five-star entrée; the AEM 28-20342 Dryflow oil-free reusable air filter.

AEM Air Filter for 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L
AEM Air Filter for 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L

The 28-20342 AEM Dryflow reusable air filter is precision-engineered to be a direct replacement for the disposable factory air filter. It’s constructed using a durable urethane sealing lip to help ensure a positive, air-tight seal in the factory airbox. AEM’s Dryflow, non-woven, oil free, synthetic filter media is incorporated into the 28-20342 which allows for easy cleaning, durable service, and excellent filtration.

While the 28-20342 is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration, the synthetic filter media means it’s also washable and reusable so it never needs to be replaced. When it does come time to service the filter, cleaning can be easily completed using AEM air filter cleaner, part number 1-1000. Cleaning is performed by following a simple four step process and the filter does not require oil.

AEM 2005 to 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L Air Filter
  • High Flow Synthetic Air Filter
  • Designed for OE Airbox
  • Clean and Reuse
  • Oil-Free Filter Media
  • Excelent Engine Protection
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The 28-20342 Dryflow reusable air filter is an easy to install performance upgrade that can save you time and money on maintenance costs. AEM filters are backed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty so it really is the last air filter you’ll need to purchase for your Honda Civic. In the world of culinary creations, it’s what you do with the main ingredient that makes the dish stand out. It’s the spices, herbs, and seasonings that make it memorable. Today, you can make your Honda Civic stand out by installing the AEM 28-20342 Dryflow air filter.

By simply swapping your factory paper air filter for AEM 28-20342, Honda Civic models listed below can receive a lifetime of performance and engine protection.

2011 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L
2011 Honda Civic GX 1.8L
2011 Honda Civic 1.8L
2010 Honda FR-V 1.8L
2010 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L
2010 Honda Civic GX 1.8L
2010 Honda Civic 1.8L
2009 Honda FR-V 1.8L
2009 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L
2009 Honda Civic 1.8L
2008 Honda FR-V 1.8L
2008 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L
2008 Honda Civic 1.8L
2007 Honda FR-V 1.8L
2007 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L
2007 Honda Civic 1.8L
2006 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L
2006 Honda Civic 1.8L
2005 Honda Civic VIII 1.8L

AEM performance air filters for Honda Civic models can be found on the Honda Civic Air Filters page. AEM performance products for other vehicles can be found using the AEM Product Search. To find an AEM dealer near you, use Search for AEM Dealer or simply visit

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