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AEM Performance Strut Tower Bar for Honda S2000 Adds Stability with One Piece Bolt-on Design

AEM Strut Tower Bar installed on Honda S2000
AEM Strut Tower Bar installed on Honda S2000
The Honda S2000 is one of the best sports cars to grace the open roads. It offers a nimble ride, powerful VTEC motor, great weight distribution and go-kart handling. For drivers who wish to push their Honda S2000 to the limit, it is important to consider the impact it will have on your suspension. AEM designed a light-weight performance strut bar made of 1 1/2 inch steel tubing that locks the struts together for added stability and strength.
AEM 29-0001 Honda S2000 Strut Tower Bar
AEM 29-0001 Honda S2000 Strut Tower Bar

AEM offers performance oriented Honda S2000 owners a lightweight and durable strut tower bar, part 29-0001 to aid strut tower stability during those tight, high speed turns. AEM's 29-0001 Honda S2000 strut bar is offered as a one-piece gunmetal grey powder coated design that not only looks great under the hood, but gives you an unbridled advantage over those S2000 running a stock setup.

Drivers will no longer need to worry about the tops of their strut towers moving when pushing the Honda S2000 hard into a turn, because the AEM strut bar 29-0001 ties the suspension together providing more stability and better handling.

Installation of AEM 29-0001 strut bar for Honda S2000 is very simple. It bolts on to the exposed shock studs under the hood. This high performance 29-0001 strut bar will fit on the following S2000 models:

2009 Honda S2000 2.2L
2008 Honda S2000 2.2L
2007 Honda S2000 2.2L
2006 Honda S2000 2.2L
2005 Honda S2000 2.2L
2004 Honda S2000 2.2L
2003 Honda S2000 2.0L
2002 Honda S2000 2.0L
2001 Honda S2000 2.0L
2000 Honda S2000 2.0L

For information on AEM strut tower bars go to the AEM Performance Strut Bars page. To find AEM strut bars and other AEM products for your vehicle use the AEM Product Search. Find an AEM dealer near you using the AEM Dealer Search page or simply visit

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