AEM Universal Cold Air Intake System for Custom Cars and Engine Swaps

AEM Universal Air Intake System 21-5011
AEM Universal Air Intake System

Customizing cars and performing engine swaps to make a car your own one-off creation is a lot of fun, except when you cannot find the parts you need to make it work. AEM has changed that with the 21-5011 universal air intake kit.

The AEM 21-5011 air intake system is ideal for vehicles with an engine swap. GM E-rod Engines or Chrysler 5.7/6.2/392 HEMI engines are popular in Hot Rod and this universal air intake would be a great choice for use with these engines, however, the kit will also work for many engine swap and custom engine bay setups.

The AEM 21-5011 universal air intake kit is ideal when a custom intake is required for the engine setup and design. LS and Hemi engine swap vehicle owners with find this kit their dream come true.

AEM Synthetic Cleaner
Use AEM's 1-1000 synthetic cleaner
to clean the air filter

The AEM 21-5011 air intake system comes with an AEM Dryflow air filter, aluminum tubes, couplers, a weld-on mass air flow sensor pad, brackets and the hardware needed to custom build an air intake. By providing these parts, the builder has multiple options and configurations to make a high flowing intake system.

The 21-5011 universal air intake kit comes with an AEM Dryflow air filter, part 21-2059DK.

AEM's Dryflow air filters are washable and reusable and because they have lower restriction than typical paper air filters they can increase engine power and toque. This media is very easy to maintain and does not require the use of air filter oil. This air filter is very easy to clean and reuse and it can perform for up to 100,000 miles, depending on driving conditions.

When it is time to service the air filter, AEM's synthetic cleaner (part 1-1000) can be used to quickly breakup any road grime and dirt that is on the media, then just rinse out the media with water to wash it away. Once the filter media is dry, it is ready to use again.

AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter 21-2059DK
AEM Dryflow Synthetic Air Filter 21-2059DK

The 21-5011 universal air intake system comes with a weld on MAF sensor pad to fit the Hitachi Blade style MAF sensor. The intake kit also can accommodate the GM tube style MAF sensor or be used as a speed density intake. In addition, the two brackets that are included are also designed to be bent and welded as needed, allowing more flexibility during design, setup and installation. The couplers, hose clamps, rubber anti vibration mounts are the same high quality components used in AEM intake systems.

The intake kit includes an instruction guide for assistance in installing your universal air intake system and it has tips on how to make everything fit and work together. This guild will help with mass air sensor setup, bracket placement, welding, and tube connection.

The AEM 21-5011 universal air intake system is very easy to use as a design tool to help finish that one of a kind engine swap in your hot rod, and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

For those who need additional parts or are looking to design a custom air intake from scratch, AEM also offers Universal Air Intake parts, which include various size straight tubes, pre-bent tubes, multiple size silicone hoses, couplers and adapters, multiple size hose clamps and various brackets and mass air sensor adapters. AEM makes it easy to design your own air intake system or find the parts you need to complete an existing project.

More information on AEM's full lineup of air intakes can be found on the AEM Air Intake Systems webpage. If you are looking for AEM performance products for a specific vehicle, use the AEM Product Search. To find an AEM dealer near you, use Search for AEM Dealer or simply visit

AEM's Custom Air Intake Parts

AEM's Universal 21-5011 Air Intake Includes:
(1) AEM 21-2059DK Dry Flow filter
(3) 4 inch diameter pre-bent aluminum tubes (45, 90 and 120 degree bends)
(1) straight 36 inch long tube
(1) 4 inch diameter tube
(7) couplers (one 90 degree elbow, 4 straight 3" long 4" diameter couplers and 2 4" to 3.3/4" step couplers
(1) Weld on mass air flow Sensor mount for Hitachi blade sensors
(2) brackets
(2) 1" long rubber mounts
(2) 12" long weld on mount bracket
(2) 3/8" X 1-3/4" long nipple - weld on
(2) 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 range Hose Clamps
(1) 35" 3/8 breather hose

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