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Innovative AEM Cold Air Intake Adds Power To 2016-2017 Infiniti QX30 Crossovers

The AEM 21-820DS is designed to be assembled outside the vehicle and simply dropped in place

The 21-820DS QX30 cold air intake features an inspection window embossed with the AEM logo

The striking 2016-2017 Infiniti QX30 was described by the editors of Edmunds as “reasonably priced yet offers you more style and performance than the typical small crossover SUV.” AEM can further supplement the QX30’s performance with its 21-820DS cold air intake kit, which adds an estimated 25 horsepower to the 208 that came from the factory.

The 2.0 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine features an aluminum block and cylinder head. The valvetrain is comprised of microfinished double overhead camshafts (DOHC), four valves per cylinder with Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS) that individually optimizes the opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves. The engine is backed by a seven-speed double-clutch automatic transmission with front wheel drive standard, all-wheel optional.

The 21-820DS has been thoughtfully engineered by the AEM team, with time and effort spent on the integration of the system into the vehicle from both a functional and an aesthetic viewpoint. AEM understands that owners of a vehicle like an Infiniti would prefer a system that matches the underhood environment and is simply not a tube with a filter clamped to the end.

As the 2.0L Infiniti QX30 is turbocharged, it has the capacity for increased horsepower. The more cool, fresh air you’re able to draw through the turbocharger and into the intake, the more the engine’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will respond by adding more fuel. The equation is simple: more air plus more fuel equal more power.

AEM engineers discovered a way to add that additional incoming fresh air by relocating the engine’s ECU. From the factory, there’s just one air inlet to the engine. With the AEM system, the ECU has been relocated and the result is a second, almost equal size intake has been added with the 21-820DS, increasingly the intake air capacity considerably.

The ECU, which is, in essence, a computer, requires a means by which it can shed its heat. AEM engineers have relocated the ECU to mount directly on the second intake duct so as moderate its operating temperature.

Relocating the engine's ECU allows for an additonal scoop to draw fresh air from oustide the veh

By doubling the area of the air intake AEM engineers feed the turbo a greater flow of air

This intake system is a revolutionary new design concept, which allows for the fully-assembled AEM replacement air box simply drop in place of the OEM Infiniti unit. Another innovation is the air filter axial seal. The filter is retained by a mounting bracket that is bolted tightly within the air box. This eliminates the need for clamps, for a tight, secure installation. The fully assembled air box then simply drops into the engine compartment which greatly simplifies the installation process.

The filter itself is an oversized AEM 21-1015DK Dryflow filter that uses an innovative high performance engineered material. Washable, non-woven synthetic filter medium chosen for its ability to deliver high air flow, excellent filtration, and improved performance. AEM Dryflow filters. In fact, a Dryflow filter captures up to 99% of harmful contaminants before they reach your engine.

While AEM Dryflow air filters typically do not require service until after about 100,000 miles (depending on driving conditions), a window is provided by which you can inspect the filter at any time. There’s an AEM logo burnished on the window so that when you raise the hood, that despite the OEM appearance of the system, it’s clear to anyone present

The AEM 21-820DS cold air intake is a relatively straightforward DIY modification that takes just a few hours to install, even for someone with little mechanical experience. Tools required are those that just about everyone has in their garage. The AEM 21-820DS utilizes only the factory mounting locations, so there are no holes to drill or permanent modifications to make.

Cleaning of the filter is straightforward and consists of an application of AEM 1-1000 synthetic air filter cleaner. The cleaner loosens and dissolves dirt and grime collected by the filter, after which the filter need only be rinsed with water, dried, and reinstalled.

Only the AEM embossed window wil give away the additonal horsepowe gains the system provides

The AEM cold air intake kit for 2016-2017 QX30 is styled for an OEM-like appearance

You can purchase the AEM 21-807C Cold Air Intake factory direct for your 2016-2017 Infiniti QX30 here on the AEM site.

Innovation has always been AEM’s core competency, and the company continues to lead the way with innovative products that push the envelope of what is possible. That’s why you’ll find AEM filters under the hoods of many of the best racing teams and industry experts nationwide.

The AEM 21-820DS is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2017 INFINITI QX30 2.0L L4 Fuel Injection - All Models
2016 INFINITI QX30 2.0L L4 Fuel Injection - All Models


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